When Does a Program Become a Lifestyle? – Diana Bianchini

It’s 2020: a new year, new decade, time to roar, and keep our “20/20 vision”. I kicked it off by heading to New York for planning meetings with clients and journalists.

While on this trip, I told a friend about my relatively new fitness and food program. It has really kicked my body and mind into gear with incredible results (built with discipline, hard work, and a very talented fitness expert by my side pushing me, of course). During this conversation, my friend asked when I started the program. I said, “In July.” My friend replied, “Well, then, that’s not a program. That’s a lifestyle now.”

It got me thinking, when does something go from a program to a lifestyle? This was especially interesting for me to think about, as I am in the business of “lifestyle”. My agency represents some of the top lifestyle brands and experiences in the world. So, is a lifestyle something a person has been practicing over 3 months, 6 months, a year? Or does a program become a lifestyle once a person decides that she will now adopt this as part of her life’s practices, however short the time period? Who decides? Do I stop talking about it like a program that I am on and, instead, just a part of who I am now?

This was a timely discussion because the beginning of a new year (and decade — woah!) has a lot of people taking inventory of their goals and desires. I have experienced such a positive impact in my life from my new fitness and food work. I love the results so much that I am adopting it as part of who I am. On my quest to consistently upgrade my life (and lifestyle), I have gotten better at balancing a demanding career, family life and then… just me. It feels good to do something just for me.

I encourage you to think about upgrading your life with healthy programs that can become part of your passionate lifestyle. That one conversation pivoted my entire mindset. I am grateful for this new year and opportunities to spend time working on me, and just me.

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