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My family and I spent last weekend at a lakeside cabin a few hours from our home. We slowed down, silenced the devices, and reconnected. We took walks, deeper breaths, and time for one another and ourselves.

It got me thinking about the impending holidays and the ending of yet another year. And the gift of a new one about to begin.

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In particular, I thought about the big dreams and plans I have for myself; the professional and personal resolutions and goals I hope to achieve in 2020 and beyond.

Yet as I sat there on the couch, cuddled with my son as my husband built a fire, I wondered whether, in my focus on the big things, I’d given enough attention to the most important ones. Whether for all of my grandiose planning, I’d perhaps neglected to fully nurture the truly grand aspects of my life.

Dedicated moments with family are often few and far between. But together, those tiny tendernesses form the glue that holds the fabric of our families—and wellbeing—together. After all, the greatest successes don’t mean much if we’re stressed out, stretched thin, and unable to enjoy the journey with those we love.

And it doesn’t take an escape from daily life to rejuvenate and bring us together (though it helps). What we really need is a commitment to get out of our heads, off of our phones, and out of auto-pilot. When we do, wherever we are, we see the people we love most in the world standing right there in front of us. Waiting to be loved. 

Waiting for us.

1576327893_146_What-Matters-Most-Psychology-Today What Matters Most | Psychology Today

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This holiday season and beyond, let’s all shift out of auto-pilot and into presence. In every moment, we have the choice to see our lives and the people in them as the gifts they are. Open your heart and arms wide to both.   

With love and best wishes from my family to yours.

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