Opportunities with the legalization of marijuana – Amador Palacios

Oh the twists and turns of life !! After tens of years of being considered a dangerous drug, it now turns out that marijuana is being legalized as a beneficial plant for certain applications.

This is happening in Canada, some US states (Washington and Colorado) and certain countries (Holland, Portugal, Chile, Uruguay, …); in many others its decriminalization is being analyzed.

This change, like everyone else, generates new opportunities. And some people have already adapted to produce and sell marijuana legally and medicinally. And logically one of the first places is Colombia.

The country that had, and still has, fame for exporting drugs to the rest of the world, and that was sadly famous for its drug traffickers, is positioning itself in this legal world of marijuana as one of the main suppliers.

It is quite logical. It has the right climate and its people have the knowledge acquired over many years of growing this plant. They are therefore the most suitable to sell it legally.

For example, the company Clever Leaves exports to the UK and Canada, but in addition to raw material, they are creating pharmaceutical laboratories in Colombia to develop cannabis-related products for the treatment of cancer and other pain.

The Colombian Cannabis Industry Association has been created that brings together 29 Colombian companies to defend their interests and have invested more than 500 million dollars in this field.

The cost of labor in Colombia is low compared to other more developed countries and therefore they have good prospects of expanding their market share with this type of products. It is smart for them to invest in developing final products and not being only involved in growing the plants.

The added value is in the development and final sale of the final products.

I wish the best to Colombian friends. I find it very pleasant to make a positive reflection on them.

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