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Radiologist jobs opportunities

Join the Fastest Growing Future Teleradiology Solutions. Commitment to excellence with focused accurate and rapid reporting is core of our workflow.

We welcome all Teleradiology Specialists to join our current team of 250 teleradiologist across the globe.

Qualification desired are — MD, DNB, DMRD, FRCR, Nuclear Physicians or equivalent qualifications.

Work profile would be to provide rapid and high accuracy online reads of X-ray, CT scan, MRI scan and PETCT scans for clinics, diagnostic centres and hospitals.

We offer flexible working slots from 6 am/morning to 1 am/night, with high volume rush generally around afternoons. Overseas teleradiologist can opt for night reporting as well. Benefit of working from home/clinic is available.

Our clients range from Africa, Middle East countries, Asia to Europe with domestic dominance.

We are partners with couple of government PPP projects, where high volume reporting is desired.

FDA approved PACS will be remotely installed on teleradiologist’s computer. Windows 10 system is more suitable.

Teleradiologist get continuous and seamless backend coordinator staff support to get all clinical history or other case related details. Customised workflow lets radiologist focus only the reporting.

Full or part time teleradiologist and Nuclear physicians can apply.

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