4 Simple Garage Organization Tips

Each of the rooms in our home has a specific purpose: kitchens you cook, bedrooms you sleep, and dining rooms are where you eat. But there’s one space we ask an awful lot of, but hardly give it the attention it deserves, the garage. We use our garages to park cars, store extra stuff, work on projects, and if we’re really lucky, a space to entertain our friends. If your garage doesn’t allow for any of these functions, there are endless ways to make it a user-friendly space. 

Step 1:  Purge and Group

As with any organizing project, it’s important to clear out your space and purge the items you no longer need. This would be a great time to have a garage sale or sell items on your local swap sites. Think about what you would like to store in your space and group like categories together. For our home, we don’t have a basement and our attic gets too hot, so we have to store everything in our garage.  Outdoor tools, lawn equipment, sporting equipment, holiday decor, tools, extra wood, paint, and supplies all need to fit in our garage.  The hope is to still have room to park our vehicles. 

1576263207_400_4-Simple-Garage-Organization-Tips 4 Simple Garage Organization Tips

Step 2: Plan your space

Look around your garage at the layout and how you would like to use your space. We have an odd angled part of our ceiling because of our stairs inside. This weird wall angle made storage tricky. We also decided we wanted to keep a refrigerator in our garage since we joined a bulk grocery store further cutting out storage. Determine where things need to go based on the accessibility. I don’t want my kids digging through the lawn equipment to get to their toys. Holiday decor and other items we didn’t use all of the time, but still needed access to, didn’t need to be right on the floor. 

1576263207_986_4-Simple-Garage-Organization-Tips 4 Simple Garage Organization Tips

Step 3: Determine what system will work best

We were super lucky when we moved into our current home that it already had the Rubbermaid Track System. What I love about this system is that it is so versatile as our needs change. It comes with a series of hooks, shelving, and accessories to help organize virtually anything in your space. Having shelving that goes up one side of our garage wall allows us to put the holiday decor up and off the floor. One of the most underutilized organizing spaces is the space above your garage door. There is shelving that hangs from the ceiling but is out of sight when the door is up. This spot is perfect again for those items you don’t need access to all of the time. 

1576263208_410_4-Simple-Garage-Organization-Tips 4 Simple Garage Organization Tips

To keep all of the tools organized, we invested in a Husky mobile tool bench. It allows us to keep everything in one space, move it if we need more working space, but also had a work surface. Before we had pieced together several things

Step 4:  Maintain and enjoy

Once you have established a system to keep your stuff organized and out of your way, try to put things away when you’re finished as opposed to sitting it somewhere to do it later. The more disciplined you become in keeping the space tidy, the less likely you are to allow things to get out of hand. Adding labels to containers and storage bins makes it easier to identify the contents. If you find that even after all of that your garage becomes overloaded, take a look at the system you’re using.  Just like maintaining your lawn, organizing is something you have to work at too. 

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Brooke has a lifestyle blog called Cribbs Style and currently lives in Charleston, SC. This wife, mom of two almost tweens, and mom of three fur children enjoys all things DIY and organizing. When she’s not helping others tackle the chaos of life, she’s either working out, at the beach, or just enjoying time with family and friends.

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