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In this article, I must give you what you need to consider if you need to build another muscle-building plan. Whether you want to build muscle, strengthen muscles and lose unwanted muscle over fat or increase your quality, there are several approaches to building your preparation to prepare for this cautious goal.

The most important things to consider are:

· Purpose

· Reps, sets, and rets

· Intensity

· Speed

· Sequence

· Frequency

· Correct form

· Range of motion

· Isolation & muscle focus

That seems like a lot of things, but let me guide you through them, and you will realize how important they are and what benefits you get from a well-organized daily practice.


This is the main goal you have in building your new muscle-building plan. The three most common are those mentioned above for specific muscle gains, increased strength, and loss of tone and body fat.

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Reps, sets, and rest:

This changes your purpose and the following conditions apply:

Muscle-strengthening plans usually include 3 sets, 8 to 10 repetitions, 3 to 4 activities for each body part, with a short break between workouts.

The pitch and fat conditioning plans include 2 sets, 10–12 repetitions, 1–2 activities for each body part, with a 30-second break between workouts.

Quality plans include 3–6 sets, 2–5 repetitions, 2–3 activities for each body part, with 2 short breaks between workouts.


The power will change again, depending on your motivation and as follows:

In a muscle-building plan, you should feel that the most noticeable repetition of repetition is the last full repetition that you can do with the right structure.

With a calamity and fat conditioning plan, you should feel that you can do a few more repetitions than the most repetitive repetition of repetition.

With a good daily workout, you should feel that the greatest number of repetitions is exactly the last number of repetitions that you can achieve with the right structure.


The speed at which your activities should end is:

Muscle-strengthening plans should be completed at a moderate pace, for example, 2 seconds in positive development (weight increase) and 2 seconds in negative development (weight reduction).

The fat conditioning and conditioning programs should be stopped at a faster rate, for example, 1 second for the positive and 1 second for the negative.

Quality plans must be finished with a mixing speed of 1 second for the positive and 3 seconds for the negative.


The sequence must be the largest muscle for any of the above purposes, therefore:

Stem: chest, back, shoulders, triceps, biceps.

Below: quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, abdominal muscles.


This can change depending on the division you use and the motivation of your daily practice.

The muscle-building plans will be 4 to 5 days, depending on what breakdown might be.

Monday: chest/biceps or chest

Tuesday: legs or back

Wednesday: back/triceps or rest

Thursday: rest or legs

Friday: shoulders / stomach or shoulders / stomach

Saturday: break or triceps/biceps

Sunday: break or break

Schedules of misery and fat toning must be completed 3 days a week with dawn between the two.

Quality plans must be completed 6 days a week, with individual body parts to be treated each day.

Correct form:

During each activity, your structure must be exactly in line with each employee’s goal. In addition to increasing the power of exercise and ensuring you do not “cheat”, it also allows you to effectively use your average muscles and support your posture throughout the workout. This results in a lower probability of damage or back pain caused by excessive weight on your body when tilted. When you start a different muscle building plan, you must consciously observe yourself in the mirror to make sure that you are using the correct structure.

Range of motion:

The range of motion is also important in all activities to ensure you overload the muscle from all angles. You should never completely secure a joint against a restricted or “brittle” motion. All extensions must be done in a controlled and progressive manner.

Isolation & muscle focus:

It is essential to separate the muscles you use by focusing on them with each exercise. If you feel the movement of activity, you will not get all the benefits because the muscle can not develop its full power.

You must adapt to your body as you become familiar with the activities and focus on the muscles as you perform each movement. You can try this without using weight. If you are thinking about the movement of a biceps turn, try to feel the difference if you simply feel the movement and if you center and align the muscle throughout.

At the point where you center the muscle, you generally slow down the movement, you feel the compression of the tip at the highest point of development and there is extreme pressure throughout the movement. All of these things will increase strength and thus increase the development of your muscles.

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