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The older we get, the more we must do to get our bodies in working order. Let’s face it, some of us are starting to take medication, some of us don’t have the time to take care of our bodies the right way, some of us just don’t feel like getting back in shape. Whether that’s you or not, realize that time effects you the same as it does everyone else. BUT, you can take back control and, even though you can’t stop time, use it to benefit you, you’re body and your life.

Is it easy? Nope. No one ever said it was. But not making mistakes will make the whole process easier. So, here are 4 of the most common mistakes people over 50 make when they start working out. (yup, even the young 45 year olds make them too, so let’s say between 45–50)

  1. Do What They Did In High School.For a lot of people, the only reference of being in shape they can personally think of is when they played sports in high school. So, it goes without saying they assume that’s the way they should always workout. The issue now is, and sometimes it’s a tough pill to swallow, it’s been a LONG time since High School! A lot has changed, specifically in their body! They probably aren’t as skinny; They probably don’t run as fast; They probably have a couple of more creaks when they get out of bed in the morning. So, doing what they did all those years ago just doesn’t make sense. A new plan has to put in place. CLICK HERE TO SEE A VIDEO ON THIS MISTAKE
  2. Think Cardio Is Best Thing To Do.Even though it’s been written about extensively all over the place, people over 45–50 years old think the best thing they can do to get in shape is some sort of cardio: ie, Treadmill, Elliptical Machine, Bike, etc. BUT, in reality, if they do workout, cardio should be the LEAST of their focus at the gym. Here’s the logic; most people over 45–50 years old feel they are over weight, so they think the cardio machines will be their best form of workout to get them to lose the weight. Now, doing cardio workouts are better than doing nothing, but for weight loss, it’s not. Think of it this way, if your body is in the shape of a pear, and all you do is do cardio, you will lose weight, but you’ll look like a skinny pear. To lose weight properly, resistance type workout is what should be focused on. But we’ll tackle resistance in about writing. CLICK HERE TO SEE A VIDEO ON THIS MISTAKE

3. Think They Know It All. This train of thought usually applies to they guys more so than the ladies. Why? I call it the “Macho Factor”. Does this mindset sound familiar? “Heck, working out is a piece of cake, I’m a guy, I know how to do it. I don’t need some other guy telling me how to lift a weight.” Yup, that philosophy happens more often than not. (Ladies all over the place are nodding their head YES to this!) The best thing someone over 45–50 years old can do, at least when starting a new workout or getting back to the gym, ask for help. Ask someone who’s been doing it or trained to do it for help. This is your health, take it seriously and leave that “Macho Factor” crap at the door! CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO ON THIS MISTAKE

4. Don’t Have a Plan.Working out is a LOT more than going to a gym. There should be a plan in place. What should you lift? How much should you lift? Which order should you do the exercises? Should I do machines, free weights or body weight exercises? What should I eat or drink? This stuff should be thought about before you start working out. As stated above, most people over 45–50 have no idea how to do it, so it’s best to find someone that does! Get a plan and follow it for a few weeks. As you get further along, you can alter that plan to better suit your needs. CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO ON THIS MISTAKE

There you have it, 4 mistakes people over 45–50 years old make when they start working out and what can be done about it. But let not your hear be troubled! I have put together something that will help you get through all this stuff, plus a lot more. You can have your very own Virtual Personal Trainer, whenever you want it! No sense of getting into detail here, you can read all about it at Top Fitness Strategies by clicking on this Fitness Over 50 Link!

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