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Are you prepared to handle the cold weather?

Most people pick working out indoors over braving the elements during the colder months. Look, I don’t blame you. I grew up in Michigan where the temperatures are cold and the snow is plentiful. That’s one of the big reasons why I decided to move to Texas. But my time in Michigan taught me how to dress for cold weather.

The key to staying warm during the winter months comes down to dressing in layers. Why multiple layers? Because it traps warm air between each of the layers, keeping you warmer. The outermost layer should be something that repels wind, aka your typical jacket shell. The next layer down should be your thickest layer of insulation.

The layer closest to your skin shouldn’t be overly constricting or tight. Remember, you want to create those mini air pockets to help keep you warm. Tight clothes will only reduce the amount of air between your skin and that first layer. As for extra gear, you can’t go wrong with a beanie and gloves. Your hands, feet, and ears will be the first things to get cold, so make sure to cover them.

You either hate cold weather or love it. Regardless, make sure to stay warm this winter by dressing in layers when you’re outside.

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