Different Conditions Require Different Approaches – Brent Kocal

I find life lessons in some of the most unlikely places you could imagine.

And I find them from the most random events.

For example, I got a life lesson in marriage and parenting from doing heavy back squats at the gym …

Here’s what went down.

I go to a CrossFit gym that’s about 10 minutes from my house.

Our workouts there consist of three different phases … warm-up … skill … and WOD (“work out of the day”)

Everything is varied there … so some days we’ll have a hard warm up, others we’ll have a hard skill and most days we’ll have a hard WOD.

A couple of weeks ago, our skill was to build to the heaviest back squat we could.

If you don’t know what that is, it’s when you hold a barbell across the top of your shoulders and drop your butt by bending your knees until your butt is just lower than your knees … then you stand back up again.

I looked around at the other people in the class before we started doing back squats.

About 80% of them were wearing normal cross training shoes.

The other 20% of us … including me were wearing shoes called “lifters” specifically designed for Olympic lifts like back squats.

Lifters are different than regular workout shoes in that they’re harder and the heal is raised a little bit … which helps for old people like me who don’t have ankle mobility.

Anyway, we do our squats and I noticed something interesting when we finished.

The “PR” bell was being rung by several people in the class.

“PR” means personal record and there’s a bell in the gym that you ring when you get a PR in something.

The interesting thing I noticed is that every single person who rang the PR bell was wearing lifters.

Here’s how that ties in to a life lesson …

I saw that different conditions require different tactics.

Think about it like this … you can’t approach every problem with your spouse using the same tactics.

Some of those problems require empathy. Other’s require leadership. And some just require flat out passion.

Imagine what would happen if you approached every problem or situation with your spouse using the exact same tactic?

That’s a lot of night sleeping on the couch right there.

The same thing goes for problems with your children.

Using the same tactic to get them to stop talking back to you as you would for getting them to clean their rooms is going to hurt more than it helps.

You have to arm yourself with different tactics because you know you’re going to face all sorts of different problems with your kids.

If you feel like you need to add a few more tools to your parenting toolbox, then I’ll encourage you to check out my FREE video training series over at

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