When Your Temple’s Falling Apart – Zach J. Payne

I’ve been losing a great deal of weight over the last 5 months or so (over 100 pounds now!) but about a month or two ago, I started to get worse swelling in my right leg, and open wounds that wouldn’t close. I’d had a cellulitis infection earlier in the year, and that had healed up okay. But all of a sudden, my foot had swollen so large that I couldn’t fit it into my shoe, and my leg so large that I couldn’t fit my legs into the driver’s side of the car.

It’s also become rock solid — where I used to have pitting edema, now my leg is so hard that the skin doesn’t pit at all.

And, what’s worse, it’s like the fat in the lower area of my thigh has solidified into a hard lump from it’s usual jiggly self. And that process is beginning on my left thigh, too.

Only in the last few weeks, I started to have problems in my left leg — with that buckshot pattern of spots, that turned into pustules, and then the open scabs. And now I’m starting to have some swelling in my foot, too. Right on the top of my foot, the same as on my right foot.

And I’ve been to the ER, and I’ve done the merry-go-round of taking antibiotics, seeing my GP, going to the wound care specialist, and none of it seems to be getting better.

Their advice, of course, is for me to lose weight. Which I was already doing, keep in mind.

Most of them won’t even look at me when I’m talking. When Shaunta is with me, they talk to her and not me most of the time.

Meanwhile, I’m in pain and losing my mobility, more and more by the day, it seems.

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