Luxor Nursing and Rehab at Sayville with 5 Ways to Stay in Shape During the Winter Months

There’s nothing like getting some fresh air and great exercise at the same time. In our climate, however, it’s tough to get outside year-round. According to the American Heart Association, however, adults should get 150 minutes per week (a half-hour per day) of moderate-intensity aerobic activity.

In order to satisfy those requirements over the winter months, you will need to get creative. That’s why Luxor Nursing and Rehab at Sayville would like to share these five tips with you.

  1. Water Aerobics

Most YMCAs, gyms, and even some senior community centers have indoor pools where regular water aerobics classes are held. Exercising in water is low-impact and great for the joints.

2. Get Moving Through Gaming

Many senior communities incorporate games like the Nintendo Wii, Wii Fit, and PlayStation Move to play virtual sports. Bowling, tennis, baseball, golf, and even skiing can be done from the comfort of your living room and keep you active.

3. Get Creative for Walking Locations

You can enjoy a nice walk without having to be outdoors. If you live in a senior living community, your apartment building or common buildings can be great places to walk around. You can also find a shopping mall, and while they may not be as busy as they once were, there are usually spacious hallways to roam through.

4. Go to the Gym

Be sure to check with your doctor and gain a full understanding of how exercise equipment at the gym works (including safety features), but you can join a fitness center during the winter months to gain access to treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals, weights, and more.

5. Yoga, Tai Chi, etc.

Many of these gyms, along with senior centers, have plenty of classes that are either focused solely on seniors or can be adapted for seniors. Yoga, tai chi, Pilates, and dance classes are just some of the options that you can enjoy. Try something new!

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