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Over the past year or so, my influence for lack of a better word has increased via this platform…LinkedIn. In some ways, I am stereotypical; just another millennial wanting to use a computer, but in other ways I am not. A millennial that has a work ethic. I want to address the later here.

I was not always this way, in fact in highschool I was fat, and….did all of the other typical highschool things (let’s not incriminate ourselves here). I was fat, in fact I was always fat I ate other kids lunches at school, and in high school I worked at Dairy Queen which did not exactly help. However, there was a series of small steps over the course of time from senior year of highschool, 2012 up until now that I have taken that have transformed my physical appearance but have also if not more so impacted my mental abilities helping me perform at work as an employee which is probably how we are now connected.

Winter 2014
Spring 2017

This post is will not address how to lose weight or the vanity aspects of such a transformation. That is a future post. However, its important to share the mental and less visual aspects a transformation like this can have on one’s well-being and professional performance as an employee.

I highly recommend working out prior to starting the workday for several reasons. One, there is no excuse for not having the time because there is no one or nothing awake at 5am to bother you (do not open your email, phone or social media prior to going to the gym). Two, you are setting yourself up for bigger success by starting on day on a productive note. You will find that your willpower to avoid the office doughnut box is stronger because why do you want to offset or minimize the progress you just made this morning. Third, unlike most of your coworkers who need to do shots of espresso or inject caffeine into their veins you show up at 6:30am, 7am, 7:30am alert, focused, and ready to take on the day.

Speaking up in meetings or commenting when you do not agree with a plan can be challenging when you lack self-confidence. By going to the gym 3–5 times per week, you will notice changes in your physical appearance. Each time it slowly increases your confidence internally, while this change will be slow it will happen. The increase in self-confidence will help you challenge authority when you have valid points against their opinion. Now, do not take this to disagree for the sake of disagreeing, but being able to provide constructive and critical feedback to superiors can help you move up within your organization.

Promotion. Most of us want to move up within our respective organizations and industry at large. This at times can seem confusing, uneasy, and challenging. Through a regular workout program we can teach ourselves that this is just a process in the case of fitness the equation is (eat right) + (work out regularly) = results/goal achievement. This same learned skill be taken with us from the weight room, track or pool into our work life with something like (learning new skills) + (diligent performance) = promotion.

Construction is a physically demanding job employees can often walk up to several miles per day on a jobsite. Being in poor physical shape leaves a person with little to no energy at the end of work day. By training the body regularly you start improve the physical conditioning of the body so that when you do return home safely at the end of a work day you have the energy to play with your kids or coach their sports.

By training the body regularly each week and eating properly for our goals, we as employees can improve our lives in all aspects both in how we perform at the office or on the jobsite and back in our home life. My goal with these blog posts is to teach the industry how everything is interconnected from our physical bodies to how we live and how each piece plays off the other. Look for the next article where we break down how to get started in your fitness journey.

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