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My name is Aaron and I have been battling mental illness for my entire 30+ years of life. I have been searching for a long-term solution and have found only rare occassions where there was actually a possible and valid solution on a regular basis. I have tried medication, medical marijuana, herbs, vitamins, and more. There always seems to be an underwhelming or overwhelming effect from the medication, supplements, or herbs. I am writing this in hopes that you can find the same solace and peace I have found through an alternative source of medicine: herbal blends.

I recently revisited the natural herbal route in tea and smoke form. After doing some research, Dropping Seeds at is the company I chose to buy herbs from. (I am not affiliated with Dropping Seeds company other than being a loyal customer.) I was shocked at the quality of their products and the results I received after trying their herbal blends.

If you are looking for an overwhelming, psychoactive response to your ailments, then marijuana is probably for you. If you want underwhelming experiences while relieving your ailments, I’d say vitamins/supplements are your best bet. If you want a happy-medium solution to your mental illness, stress, anxiety, etc., I strongly suggest herbal blends as tea or smoke. This is based on my personal experience with each one of these types of “treatments.”

When I purchased my first herbal blend from Dropping Seeds, I was very skeptical as I had tried herbal blends before that I made on my own with seemingly very little success (probably because I was not doing something right). But, I decided to go ahead and give it a second try with Dropping Seeds. I first bought the “Awake” blend for the mornings as I love a boost when I first wake up. Dropping Seeds states the “Awake” blend “Supports states of alertness and high energy. Earthly notes with peppery flavours.” The “Awake” blend contains Gotu Kola, Yerba Mate, Nettles, Safflower, and Mullein.

After my “Awake” blend arrived in the mail I immediately had to try it out of course. I first tried the blend in smoke form with a paper hand-roll. The smoke was not too heavy with earthy and peppery flavors as they state on their tin. It was an enjoyable smoke overall. After smoking the blend I felt a nice subtle energy and enlightened feeling. I felt sharper mentally. There was no overwhelming rush of energy like when you slam coffee, energy drinks, or take caffeine pills. The feeling was smooth. The smoke was especially enjoyable with a cup of tea (either with the same blend “Awake” or another tea of your choice). I do highly recommend a grinder for the herb if you are going to smoke it. I did not have a grinder at first and realized I was doing myself an injustice not grinding the herb before smoking it. The herb burns more evenly if done so and the effects of the herb are better in my experience.

Drinking the “Awake” blend as tea was just as great. “Awake” blend tea tasted good with a hint of its earthy and peppery flavours. I added honey because that’s just what I typically do for any cup of tea I have, but it was not necessary.

I trade off drinking the tea and smoking the “Awake” blend. I enjoy both a lot.

The “Awake” herbal blend has been a wonderful addition to my mornings and even my evenings when I need that extra boost after a long day. This blend is truly rejuvenating along with being energizing. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves great positive energy.

Needless to say I have continued to buy more herbal blends from Dropping Seeds and will review each one as I continue trying them. Here’s to the “Awake” blend! Go try it for yourself or check out Dropping Seeds at to find a blend you might like even more. They have great. herbal blends to choose from and the quality is unmatched.

As I said earlier, I hope others can find solace and comfort in herbal blends such as this one described above. These herbal blends have changed my life for the better and I want to share it with the world. Enjoy your herbs and remember to love yourself. Thanks for reading!

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