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“You are the average of the five people you surround yourself with.” — Jim Rohn

To me, it is imperative to set myself up for success.

I do this in various ways, but one key for me is to surround myself with successful people. People who have done something great, are ambitious, and give their absolute all.
From my own experience, I know that it can be challenging to have access to these people. Especially if you are just about to get started. Let’s say you want to begin your running journey: Where on earth do you find people who guide you, motivate you, and lead by a good example?

My advice: Fake it.

There are so many people out there who take you on their sporting journey on Social Media. Follow them on Instagram, YouTube, or whatever platform you prefer.

Personally, I prefer YouTube. In my opinion, it is more informational, and I watch it with more intention than some Instagram Stories.

To facilitate the decision which people to follow, here are some of my favorite YouTube Channels and some selected Videos to be inspired, pumped up, and get going.

Important: I watch YouTube every second day or so or if I want to look up a specific topic. Don’t indulge in the endlessness of content and waste your life following other people’s dreams.

Mat Fraser Documentary by RX

Image: RXMindest — YouTube

Mat Fraser is a 4x CrossFit Games Champion. You can argue a lot about CrossFit, but this guy is insane. His mental strength and willingness to suffer are enormous. Watch the documentary and you will know what I mean.

Team Richey

Image: Team Richey — YouTube

A channel around fun stuff and updates in the CrossFit World. Craig is one of my favorite guys out there. He is super authentic, and most importantly he has one piece of advice to live by:
Do not care about what other people think.” He overcame this to start his Vlog and build the “HSTLE” brand

Rich Roll

Image: The Rich Roll Podcast — YouTube

Age 40, Rich decided to change his life. He switched to a 100% plant-based diet, lost 50 pounds, and started exploring the human potential in the worlds of ultra-endurance, wellness, mindfulness, and spirituality. Ten years later he is sitting down with the most successful people in a regular podcast to talk about their experiences. One of my favorite episodes is with David Goggins.

Unbroken — by Mateusz M

Image: Mateusz M — YouTube

This video gets me pumped up no matter what. I love to watch it on a Sunday before I start my long run. Overall the channel has some great motivational videos and speeches.

Asics Video about Jan Frodeno

Image: ASICS — YouTube

The video was recorded before Jan Frodeno collected his impressive three Ironman World-Championship titles in Kona. It shows with how much passion and dedication he works as a professional athlete.

Saturno Movement

Image: Saturno Movement — Website

He is a calisthenics expert but also has some useful follow-along videos, especially for mobility. If I feel completely sore and don’t want to train I just do this short routine to get me going.

Athlean X

Image: Athlean-X — YouTube

First of all, this guy is super impressive because — as the name of the channel indicates — he is super lean. Jeff Cavalier has a lot of good workout advice and training ideas. Don’t be intimidated by his looks, he is also suitable for starters. He has a background in physical therapy, so a lot of his workout advice is centered around smart training and injury prevention.


Image: CompTrain — YouTube

This is the CrossFit channel of top-coach Ben Bergeron. Ben has built the CompTrain program for both professionals and amateurs. I love his view on fitness, especially how he incorporates mental strength. Apart from that, the workout videos are crazy to watch.

The Stanford Commencement Speech of Steve Jobs

Image: Stanford — YouTube

It’s not a fitness video, but the content has life-changing potential. To me, this is one of the most powerful speeches.

No Podcast/YouTube advice without Tim Ferriss these days:

Image: Tim Ferriss — YouTube

If I really struggle to motivate myself over a more extended period to train, I watch this video. Tim explains his “fear-setting-exercise” Basically, you have to think about the cost of inaction. What will your life look like if you do not act now? This always helps me to, not only in terms of fitness.

It is give-and-take: What are your favorite channels, videos, or podcasts? I am always happy to learn new stuff, so please share!

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