Using Video Blogs to Self-Motivate

In 2009, I did a challenge to see if I could do 100 pushups/day, 5 days/ week. In order to self-motivate, I decided to do a video each day to talk about my progress and about pushups.

The experiment went well, actually. I managed to keep this up until I reached something like day 365, or 36,500 pushups. I wish I’d kept up with that regimen, but life gets in the way and I stopped in 2010.

Anyway, here’s the intro, and then a link to all 150 vids I made about it. (Why’d I stop documenting it after 150 days? Well, I suppose I stopped having anything to say about pushups after rambling on about them for 150 videos.)

Here is a link to all 150 vids, sorted oldest to newest.

I think the video-making helped me stay motivated through the beginning. So, for whatever others may do as a similar challenge, consider doing a vlog.

But, if you do one, consider what your objectives are. And remember: If you’re doing this to gain Youtube subscribers, that’s different than if you’re just doing it for yourself.

If it’s just for you (as these were), then you can ignore production values, social sharing, marketing, etc. Just shoot and upload, and maybe share with a few friends.

If it’s to grow an audience, then you’ve got to think through all of the above concerns much more seriously! See my other articles on video marketing:

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