How monthly massages helps avoid chronic pain – Ilona V.

Ahh the sound of a massage already makes anyone feel relaxed, right? Not everyone and not too long ago I used to get really uncomfortable and tense up during massages, and rarely was I able to fully enjoy nor understand the true reason behind getting a massage (besides relaxation). I am now a proud person who loves getting massages, and not only for the relaxation part of it. I am a very hyper active person and was constantly getting very tight and tense in my shoulders and neck area, especially during periods of stress and changes. Prior to realizing this, I would only get massages when I was so tight that I could not even move my neck, therefore forced to go and have a professional masseuse untangle every single knot individually (so painful!) It was than that I realized those knots were ultimately causing the pain throughout my entire body, by the knots tensing so tightly in the neck and shoulders, literally to the point of excruciating pain. After several times of being in agonizing pain during these massages, while they untangled knot by knot, I realized after that ultimately I was feeling so much better and pain free after the massage, I realized I really needed to incorporate this on a regular basis in order to prevent the pain.

Our bodies get tense in any type of stressful situation and therefore the muscles get extremely tight and tangle, which can lead to severe long term pain if not addressed. Many people feel pain and usually start taking pain medication instead of finding the real root of the pain and tackling it from there. The really important part of getting the most from the massage is breathing through the pain. The untangling of the muscle knots in your body can be quite painful, however, breathing your way through the pain instead of immediately tensing up when feeling that pain can really make a world of a difference, during your massage, in the end result. I always focus on long deep inhales and exhales and this really helps the muscles release the tension and ultimately untangle, which will eliminate most of the core of the pain.

If you experience consistent pain, try getting a deep tissue massage and see if the pain is better. I truly believe the right masseuse can change your entire body balance. Massages can get expensive and that’s why I usually use groupon, and find deals for deep tissue massages. This way you get to try out the massage and find your perfect masseuse over time. Once you find that perfect massage therapist, my personal preference is a 60 Minute deep tissue massage at least once every two weeks. Hope this helps you feel better 🙂

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