Home tests make doctors rich and patients better. – Jiska Hachmer

I think home testing is the best. People can know they have to go to the doctors with a result of a test. People without perhaps wait for way too long before they go. When you can think of what you have, and do some tests, you already know what you kind of have. It will make clear what to ask the doctors.

For babies, we have so much ourselves. But we see the doctors a lot too. A baby has the parent that kind of knows all about viruses and all the problems one could have in life. We do go to the doctors a lot as well. Perhaps even more than for ourselves.

We can create such worlds for adults too. That we know a lot ourselves, with books, and the internet, and test ourselves, and then check-up.

The tests are like the extra parent watching over you, the way you watch your kids. You have this cheap solution that will tell you what you have, or not. And, you can test as much as you want.

With the home test, you will be less surprised at the doctors, but you also will have questions to ask. And it will be earlier with a check, as you have to test early when you get ill. You perhaps have tried some different tests already before you go ask for medicine, that fits the outcome. You can show your results. Like a pregnancy test, you can do at home, is best, you ‘ll be on time. But also, like a parent watching over you when you feel sick. And that will have a result for you about what you have. Do we mind doctors get rich from that? And we get better because of that? I don’t, I am happy to test at home.

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