The Most Searched IKEA Products in the U.S.

Our mission at is to make the home buying process as smooth as possible for our customers. We make it our priority to educate house hunters early and often on a variety of topics with the goal of empowering them throughout their journey to buying a home.

That’s why we respect brands that have a similar mission to put the power back in the hands of their customers, like IKEA. If you don’t know, IKEA is a furniture, appliance, and home decor brand known for its affordability and “do-it-yourself” furniture assembly.

Many customers use IKEA to furnish their homes or incorporate some extra pieces for seasonal home staging during the selling process. This got us thinking: “What are the most popular IKEA items in the U.S and are they different depending on location?”

Diving into data around popular trends is a passion of ours, as you may have noticed from our research into The Bachelorette and Fixer Upper so we decided to look at Google search volume data for the most popular IKEA items in their catalog – both product names and general product categories. That said, do you know which states search for those iconic Billy bookcases the most? Read on to that find that out, and more. 

US map showing the most searched IKEA product per state

First, let’s take a look at the results around IKEA-specific products. We’ve written about the iconic IKEA Billy bookshelf before on our blog, but we had no idea just how popular it is. Our results indicated that the IKEA Billy bookshelf is the most popular product in 22 states! It’s impressive how this product is able to capture the needs of so many different homeowners, from Texas to Maine, looking for a simple way to add shelving to any room in their home.

We also noticed that rugs, such as the Stockholm rug (which was the second-most popular IKEA product in the U.S.) or the Rens rug, were another widely-popular Google search. We noticed these results were common in areas with colder climates, such as Minnesota, South Dakota, and Vermont, while also popping up in slightly more temperate places like Oklahoma and Maryland. Don’t forget that many home listings highlight types of flooring featured throughout, and if you’re in one of those cooler states make sure you’re utilizing’s home feature filter to ensure your new home has a cozy fireplace! 

Next, we broke down our results by region.

1574259011_93_The-Most-Searched-IKEA-Products-in-the-U.S The Most Searched IKEA Products in the U.S.

US map showing the most searched IKEA product per region

As you can see, Billy bookshelf dominates three out of the four main U.S. regions. However, in the western United States, two other IKEA products are popular: the Alex drawer and the Lack table. These simple, square-like designs that fit well into multiple home and design styles are perhaps what IKEA is known best for – that, and their delicious Swedish meatballs!

1574259012_977_The-Most-Searched-IKEA-Products-in-the-U.S The Most Searched IKEA Products in the U.S.

Line graph showing the most searched IKEA products in the U.S.

Here is the breakdown of the most searched IKEA items in the U.S., based on the number of states they were primarily searched in. How many do you have in your home, or have you seen in a staging? We bet it’s more than you even realize.

One product we wanted to point out is the Malm dresser. Popular with the DIY community, this dresser has been “hacked” on Pinterest in an infinite number of ways. Fans of “IKEA hacking” on Pinterest might find our Snap and Search tool useful – it allows you to use your Pinterest pins to search for your dream home!

Next, we’re going to dive into the more general categories of IKEA products.

(Our distinction here: IKEA “products” are synonymous with IKEA-specific lines, such as Billy, Malm, etc. IKEA “items” are more general – IKEA beds, dressers, tables, etc.)

1574259012_469_The-Most-Searched-IKEA-Products-in-the-U.S The Most Searched IKEA Products in the U.S.

US map showing the most searched IKEA item per state

As you can see, customers choose IKEA for everything from lamps to curtains. Many college students or apartment dwellers, for example, may choose to buy their first full furniture pieces from the brand. In fact, IKEA desks were the most popular in the state with the highest student population, which is Iowa. In fact, IKEA desks proved to be the most popular IKEA item nationwide. 

We noticed that overall, the most popular IKEA items in every state tended to be bedroom or office-focused furniture, such as IKEA beds in states like Oregon, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia or IKEA drawers in states like Alabama and New Mexico. If an office or an extra room is on your must-have list, our home search tools and mobile apps allow you to select that feature while browsing.  

Next, we asked the question: what are the most popular IKEA items when you break it down by region?

1574259012_504_The-Most-Searched-IKEA-Products-in-the-U.S The Most Searched IKEA Products in the U.S.

US map showing the most searched IKEA item per region

The west really loves their IKEA beds. IKEA carts, which are great for hosting, especially during the holiday season, have stolen the hearts of the Midwest. The hard-working South loves IKEA drawers and desks, and the ever-practical Northeast searches for IKEA floor lamps and chairs most often.

1574259013_452_The-Most-Searched-IKEA-Products-in-the-U.S The Most Searched IKEA Products in the U.S.

US map showing the most searched IKEA item per region

And there you have it: our deep dive into the most searched IKEA items across the U.S. As brands in adjacent spaces, we appreciate the fact that IKEA makes furnishing a home as easy as possible. 

Whether you’re shopping for your first home, or finally moving in, it’s important that you feel supported along the way. Check out the How-To guides for all of your home buying, selling, renting, or financing needs. 

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