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by Madison Page, CEO + C0-Founder of Core to Coeur

An innovate pricing model needs explaining sometimes!

At first glance, you might need a bit of guidance on our Core to Coeur membership plans (Core Packs). Have no fear! Consider these 3 steps to find the Core Pack that suits your lifestyle.

Step 1: What is my current workout routine look like, and where would I like it to be?

If you’re an advanced practitioner, someone who’s struggled to find a workout that actually works for them, or someone in between Core to Coeur has a plan that suits your lifestyle. For beginners forming habits and lasting change takes time. Often times we get very excited about a new program, do it for 2 or 3 weeks, and then recognize how difficult it is to maintain and quit it all together. This is a cycle that repeats itself and often creates a negative relationship to movement and exercise. Ever heard the story about the tortoise and the hare? C2C is the ultimate tortoise- starting off slow. Taking on only a much as you can realistically want. If this sounds like you: We recommend taking 1–2 group or private classes a week to start with. Remember, you can always buy more credits or change your subscription in month’s to come. Plus your credits are yours to keep. Pause your membership and catch up on your credits for up to 12 moths of purchase.

2. What do I value most in a workout routine?

We all have different values when it comes to a workout. Some people value convenience, while others need the accountability of working one to one. For some, conserving their resources is of utmost importance one day, and the next month they can spend more self care dollars. Here are the the 6 values to assess when choosing a Core Pack.

  • Accountability: If I know I can’t commit to working out through self-will alone, it’s in my best interest to invest in private classes. Personalized attention, your agreement to show up, and pay your instructor is usually all it takes to show up to your workouts regularly. If I know I value the energy of a group class, I’ll make sure there are enough classes with instructors I like (we’re adding new classes all the time, so even if there’s not today, there will likely be one soon).
  • Convenience: Madison Page, CEO of Core to Coeur, struggled with a movement practice that she felt motivated by. Inspired to try indoor rock climbing due it’s difficulty and comprehensive full body practices, she was clear on one thing: it has to be bouldering or else she wouldn’t do it. The more equipment she had to prepare, they less inclined she’d be to stick with it. Working out consistently is hard enough due to our bodies’ primitive instinct to conserve energy. So when choosing classes, think about props, levels, or anything extra and how it might deter you from attending class.
  • Appropriate movement style (otherwise known as do I want to sweat or savasana?): Core to Coeur acknowledges that bodies and human beings are complicated, complex entities- sometimes they work together, and sometimes feel completely disconnected. Sometimes what feels good for your body might not necessarily be right for your body. For whole body health and for a body that works for the rest of your life, attend to the parts of your movement routine that you want to avoid. If you feel uncomfortable stretching because you haven’t spent time doing so, take some stretch classes. The best advice is to add these practices in gradually for graded exposure. Have a gentle mix of practices you enjoy- practices that make you feel alive- and perhaps 1–4x monthly, do classes that feels more like eating your vegetables than it does eating a delicious bowl of homemade pasta (mmmmm).
  • Privacy: We’ve made our platform as flexible as possible to fit the needs of different types of students; so much of our customers are choosing us because they never had a fitness company that spoke directly to them. So if you know that you’ll only be accountable if you work with a teacher one on one- invest in a Core Pack where you can take a few privates a month. If you know you’d favor that but can’t spend the money, consider turning your camera off during group classes after initial check with the teacher.
  • Community: Core to Coeur is first and foremost, an online community, we just happen to be working out at the same time! Consider taking group classes to meet friends from all over the world, or have a buddy you haven’t seen in a while take class with you!
  • Money: Investing in your health can be a scary experience for some people- you don’t know what it will feel like

3. How can I get the best value for my money?

This is a trick question (sorry guys). Most of us want a quick fix when it comes to health and wellness. And it’s no wonder- our cultural messaging relies on selling us instantly gratifying results. But our bodies are not made that way. Our bodies, like cars, require consistent maintenance and care. Neglect it at your peril. The two things your body will need to improve is time and money. It can sometimes feel difficult to spend money on intangible things. But we encourage you to think of your body as an investment. No, you can’t see how you’re money will grow if you put in $10 a day in your savings account or the NYSE. But after 10 years, you will understand the importance of your diligence, consistency and commitment to putting away that money. Same goes for your health: show up for your body by putting in the time and money; trust us, it’ll pay off in dividends.

Remember can always add to and pause your subscription the following month, the credits are yours for the follow year of purchase.

Still need help?Email us care@coretocoeur and let’s chat about how we can get you moving.

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