The Advantages of Tai-Chi! Is it Suitable for You? – Amanda

The ancient Chinese martial art- Tai Chi

Bored of the same old cardio and weights? Tai Chi just might be the solution to your exercise regimen nosedive. Tai Chi is a form of martial art that has many well-known benefits, which include helping people deal better with their feelings of anxiety. Apart from combating stress, Tai chi has been proven by several recent studies to improve balance, flexibility, and coordination.

Your body and mind move at the same relaxed but controlled, pace. Tai chi is a form of low-impact fitness that makes it suitable for mostly everyone, no matter whether they exercise regularly or not. Age is again not a significant factor when it comes to Tai chi, being considered great both for younger and older people the same.

You may think that if you’re an active hiker or a survivalist you don’t need Tai chi. After all, you’re doing other high impact activities that are more challenging, muscle building and hence more satisfactory. But conversely, Tai chi will help improve your flexibility and balance. The stretches it employs and the new movements are key factors when it comes to stretching your muscles. That will only help you give more when it comes to your high impact fitness.

Tai chi also doesn’t cost a lot of money, and you also don’t need to buy expensive equipment for it. You can do it anytime and anywhere if you need a quick stretch combined with meditation. That being said, if you’ve had a rock climbing accident and you are now just regaining your strength, gentle Tai chi movements may help you regain your range of motion and prepare your body for higher impact exercises. However, Tai-Chi may not be suitable for you, if you have:

· A baby in your belly

· Back paint

· Fractures

· Hernias

· Joint issues

· Osteoporosis

Mayo Mindfulness: Tai chi is a gentle way to fight stress

· Increases life span for people who want to live longer and healthier

· Improves flexibility

· Gives you stronger muscles

· Makes you less prone to a bunch of diseases, including heart problems, cancer, and arthritis

· Improves your tonus and lifts your spirits

· Reduces stress

· Increases Speed

· Improves endurance

· Improves aerobic capacity

· Improves confidence

· Improves balance

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