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Till now, your head must be likely loaded with rules on what to do and what not to when you are pregnant. Regardless of whether they originate from books, magazines, your doctor, or your loved ones, those pregnancy tips ask you to live these nine months of your life in a quite specific manner — apparently to your benefit just as your baby’s. In any case, in all actuality, these limitations and suggestions might be one-sided, may not be based on scientific studies, and may not be the correct thing for you.

What Are the Do’s and Don’ts During Pregnancy?

Let’s first start with the Do’s:

Do Take Proper Rest

Early in your pregnancy, you may feel sleepy during the day due to massive levels of the hormone progesterone. This hormone brings a sudden and unexpected requirement for naps and could make a typical day at work feel as exhausting as running a long-distance race. It may feel like you are getting influenza since you feel exhausted. Surprisingly, progesterone may cause rest disturbance around the evening time, making your weakness during the day far and more terrible. At whatever point you get time take rest as much as you can. You have to accept that the initial three months of your pregnancy might be tiring as your body is working too hard to ensure that your child is supported as it develops. So attempt to head to sleep prior and rest whenever the situation allows you.

Do Remain Hydrated

You should drink at least eight glasses (1.5 liters) of liquid consistently, for the most part, water. While juices could make up some portion of that, remember that they might be high in sugar and in this way, high in calories. On the off chance that you don’t like drinking water so take lemon or lime or a small quantity of juice for some additional flavor. Tea or coffee could help; likewise, you can make, but it should be in the limit as both tea and coffee contain caffeine. At the time of pregnancy, it’s better to restrict your caffeine intake to 2 cups of coffee/tea.

Do Wear a Seat Belt While Driving

Do make sure that you generally wear a seat belt when driving or going by car.

Wearing a seat belt could spare your life and that of your unborn infant in case of an accident. It is in this way altogether suggested that all pregnant ladies should wear a seat belt when driving or going in the car. The most secure sort is the three-point saddle found in many vehicles, involving a lap belt and a shoulder lash. The lap belt ought to go over the hips and under the belly and the shoulder tie-up between the breasts.

Coming to don’ts

Don’t smoke and drink

Try not to smoke, drink, or utilize drugs. In case you’re pregnant, whatever you put into your body arrives at your child as well. Smoking, drinking liquor, and ingesting drugs might be impending to your infant’s development and health, so make changes in your habits. The best time to do this is the point at which you and your better half choose to attempt to fall pregnant. An infant’s brain and different organs begin to create before you indeed, even understand that you’re pregnant.

Don’t overdose on refined carbs

White bread, white rice, desserts, and soft drinks rush into your circulation system, spiking your blood glucose levels. These spikes may bring about fatter baby, who are at serious risk of being overweight as they grow up. You should limit the white stuff and instead choose, for example, oats, dark colored rice, and entire wheat tortillas and bread.

Don’t lift heavy objects

During pregnancy, you should realize that your body is not the same as it was before pregnancy. The body texture changes; you may not be able to do some activities like lifting heavy objects which you were able to do before getting pregnant. Even if you are going to lift a heavy object, proceed with caution. Inappropriately lifting an object can lead to a pulled muscle.

This do’s and don’ts list during pregnancy will help you and your baby stay healthy. Take care of yourself, eat healthy food, and take proper rest. Most importantly enjoy this phase of your life, pamper yourself by getting a new wardrobe to get fit into your belly, eat different foods but healthy foods. As pampering is the best way to make pregnancy memorable and delightful.

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