What matters most to doctors — Time or Money or Peace of mind?

Doctors are angels who take care of human race. They sacrifice their childhood studying to get admission to medical school. Once they start working, they are always up 24/7 to care for people around them. Does anyone think what matters most to them ?

You ask 100 people, 70 would say money, 25 would say time, some understanding souls would even say peace of mind

I have traveled from Asia to America to Europe and it’s no different anywhere. Also, I happen to marry to a doctor for last 16 years that make me appreciate their life challenges little bit more closely

On a daily basis, doctors time gets’s pulled in 3 directions:

  1. Patients
  2. Family
  3. Office staff

It get’s more challenging if doctor is having their own practice rather than working for someone. Anyone can guess why doctors shy away from opening their own practice — it’s really HARD, time consuming and juggling all the above priorities is not for faint of heart

For the brave-heart doctors who open their practices they are challenged with how to tell “patients” they are good doctors. Yes, this happens during span of many years when people know who’s good and who’s not — however time is not on their side. To “solve” this problem lot of companies have mushroomed which promise holy grail by doing SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) , Facebook Ads, Google ads, marketing, YELP reviews and more.

People are now questioning if placing ads in facebook or Google worth the money ? Are people really seeing those ads and then finally how many of those people are really coming to your business

Lot of review sites like Yelp are so “helpful” that people are making movies on how they bully small biz

Internet is getting more of a hard place and “good doctors” have to compete in this field, else their competitors can put fake reviews against them essentially throwing them out of business.

This bring us back to main question that when doctors whose role should be to humanity are being forced to squeeze their time for above things just to keep lights on for their business

I recently came across a wonderful website — (100% free and supported by 501c(3) non-profit to help good doctors succeed )

Here are few things I can see it helping doctors:

  1. It does automatic marketing for doctors — Absolutely free — on all places Linked-In, Facebook, Google etc
  2. It ensures doctors are not bullied like yelp — Doctors competitors or dummy patient “cannot put” fake reviews
  1. When doctors staff are looking for information, they can search for any information in less than 1 second ( how cool is that !!! )
  1. They have “free” patient education videos which help in patients being more confident
  2. I can go on and on , here are few screenshots from

In short, we know being a doctor is hard — I would highly recommend doctors and patients to do a free signup on trusted-doctor to automatically improve their life.

Doctors would get “time” and patients would get access to “trusted-doctors”

Here’s the signup link:

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