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I followed workout programs for over three years. Now, I do my own workouts and feel more free than ever.

How I really feel when I do a wall sit

I used to think that the only way to achieve a lower body fat percentage was through steady cardio like kickboxing. I also used to think that in order to maintain a healthy body, I’d have to commit to workout programs, follow them strictly and consistently.

I’ve discovered that yes, in the beginning when you are new to this journey, you need guidelines and discipline. I followed a workout program that worked for me for over three years. I committed to it. I took progress photos for myself. Slowly, gradually, I saw change.

Then I decided that I needed change. I am a Sagittarius after all. So I switched to a different program. I even had my partner join me on the workouts, and we tweaked a few moves here and there. It was fun, and still rewarding.

It’s been a few months now where I don’t follow a specific program. I have created my own routine. I move my body daily. Some days it’s only 10 minutes of yoga or walking. Other days it might be 30 minutes if I am really in the mood. Sometimes, it’s an extra few push ups at the end of a long day at the office. Some mornings I dance for a bit, and that’s my cardio. It’s more fun for me, and it’s freeing. I’ve always loved dancing though I’ve never done well in dance classes.

My partner and I stopped paying for a gym membership months ago. We needed to save money and we realized that we spent more time driving to and back than we wanted to. We wanted to maximize our morning time since we get up at 4:30AM during week days. I now do everything from the comfort of our home. I use a wall for hand stands, hand stand pushups (super mini ones at this point), wall sits, and forearm hand stands.

I have a set of weights, and we are planning on getting a few more pieces of equipment like a bench. But the point of this article isn’t about my routine necessarily, but to tell you that once you have the tools and the knowledge, you can trust yourself to be all that you need. You can be your own trainer, your own guide, and you can have so much for fun while also maintaining a healthy body and mind.

I had an English teacher in high school that once asked our class: “What do you do when you get angry?”

I was very intrepid at that age and hardly participated though he knew my was writing was good. He looked at me and said, “What about you? Do you write when you’re angry?”

I would tell him now that yeah, I still write. But I also get down on the floor and do push ups. There is so much going on today that is making me angry, I need more than just writing to keep me sane. I need to move my body in a way that reminds me that I have all the strength I need inside me. I still can’t believe that I can do full push ups, spider man push ups, diamond push ups. I have ways to go sure, I can only do a few at a time, but I am doing it. I am stronger than I have ever been. Even stronger than when I used to only run as a form of exercise, which I should say also helped my mental state keep in shape.

“Once you have the tools and the knowledge, you can trust yourself to be all that you need.”

So show up for yourself, you are more than enough, and everything you need is right within reach. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Find the joy, and break free.

“Find what feels good,” as dear Adriene says.

Feels good to be strong

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