How You Poop Can Be As Important As Exercise – Kimmy Ojeda

Sometimes having a bowel movement is a painful process…and other times it never happens at all when the urge is there.

Although this is a sensitive topic for many, it really is a very important one that we all should be talking about.

Basically, the when, how, and quality of your poop is a sign of your overall health. First, according to Medical News Today, “Bowel movements are different for everyone. The healthy range is usually considered to be from three times per week up to three times per day.”

Now that you know what is normal in regards to when we all should poop, we should really consider how we are pooping.

Is your poop very firm, firm but soft enough to create the perfect foot long ‘J’ shape, loose, or liquid? This is some serious talk! How your poop turns out is telling what is up with you…good or bad.

For instance, before I became a vegan I thought pooping once a week was normal. Then after a month of being on a whole food, plant-based diet I became regular with the famous talk of the ‘J’ shape foot long…3 times a day! Before my glorious days of regularity, I was plagued with stress and living on processed foods. Then I slowed down my life, learned to relax more and better, and adopted a healthier diet.

Whoa! What a difference!

If you have concerns about your poop, ensure to see a physician right away. If anything, you may address some issues that may help comfort your bathroom experience, or make going out in public a more pleasant experience.

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In further, quality of poop is a big deal. The color, how you feel when releasing your load, and the smell…yes, the smell is very telling.

My personal issue when it comes to poop quality is that sometimes I eat too fast and that leads to malabsorption of my last meal. Consequently, eating too fast and not chewing my food enough comes with a package of gas and a smelly moment in the bathroom. However, everyone is different and as I stated before, if your poop quality is not so pleasant, make sure to take a trip to see your physician. A poop diary is always a good thing too!

In conclusion, how you poop is just as important as when you exercise! Most health articles focus on diet and exercise when trying to increase health and/or lose weight, but no one really talks about pooping. Again, this is a sensitive topic that many do not like to be public about…but when it comes to quality of life and the possible link to an ailment, we must really bring to light these conversation. Of course with the people you trust the most!

If you can tell, I am a bit open on this topic…and I know my parents and husband are a bit tired of my regular announcements. Or my constant pestering them how they are doing in their most private moments in the bathroom. But I am proud to say, all of them are very aware of their poop and do take note of what is going on.

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One addition in my diet has helped my bathroom experience exponentially…and that is more fiber!

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