Climate Change and Medicine – Rana Bilal Tahir

A significant long-term change in the pattern of average weather of a region (or the whole Earth) over a considerable period of time is called Climate change. It’s all about the abnormal variation in the average weather. It has many effects on the lifestyle of human beings.
The impacts of climate change include almost any anomaly in nature. Rising sea level, changes in precipitation, and rapid change in frequency and intensity are the main causes which are making the earth unlivable. They have direct or indirect effects on human health, through the food we eat and the air we breathe. There are extreme weather conditions, intense storms, droughts and melting of glaciers. It attacks with no discrimination.
Developing countries may be more vulnerable but the wealthy nations are prone to its effects, at the very same extent. So, if we can’t just eliminate climate change then we can make people aware of its causes and effects. Which will definitely lead to a better environment or at-least it would guarantee human health. With the evolution of science and technology, it’s quite relatable that the quality of human health should be controlled and increased but it’s the reverse case and everything is about to be doomed.
To make earth livable there is a movement Health Care Without Harm (HCWH), with its annual conferences and introducing green products. They have tackled incinerator emissions, mercury in waste streams, and the toxic chemicals. So, work is being done at some level but the making of the heavy-duty machines, plastic materials, toxic chemicals using and disposing of materials is harming the environment at the same rate. The materials are being used and the recycling process is quite energy-consuming too. So, the making and consuming of the products is energy-consuming. There is one way or the other medical business is running and trying to serve human health.

Kids in a dusty environment

Everyone is getting affected by intense climate changes and kids seem to be most affected.
This medical business and climate change are pretty closely related to the heavy machinery and the manufacturing of products is using fossil fuels. So, we can mitigate climate change by just cutting health care to a specific level. And the other way is to educate patients to live a healthy life with minimal impact on human health. Physicians should focus on reducing carbon-footprints when determining the suite of health services to be provided.
There is a number of health disasters caused by a disorder in the environment, which include cardiovascular diseases, allergies, damage to the respiratory system, kidney failure, diarrhoea, liver damage, and dehydration. Its immediate effects are smog (a mixture of fog and pollutants), increased level of carbon dioxide, and extreme weather conditions. Smog means that we are inhaling pollutants while we need oxygen. There gets an increase in the concentration of ozone at ground-level which just makes us vulnerable to chronic lung diseases. It can also cause premature death. There are greater chances of allergies and asthma. Increased levels of carbon dioxide may act as a fertilizer for crops but it surely decreases the nutrition in the crops. Increase in precipitation causes an increase in vector-borne diseases because they spread in the air. Intense weather conditions mean the drought, flood and extreme temperature. Drought decreases the production of food; flood decrease the water quality and extreme weather cause the glaciers to melt which is a cause of an increase in sea level, increasing atmospheric pressure in conclusion. So, they have their own effects.
In conclusion, the business of pharmaceutical companies is increasing as of more diseases which in turn is curing nature but disturbing nature. We are just making nature to rage back at us. We should be concerned about our actions and cut the medical services to some extent and educate the patients which in turn will try to regulate the natural environment of earth. Otherwise, we will eat shallow nutrition food, breathe bane, and rather suffer than life.


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