Beginning: The Habit Loop – Tyler Lingle

The Habit Loop is a community, an idea, an experiment to empower people to live a healthy, fit lifestyle. Moreover, we believe in using fitness as a medium to leverage identity and habit to become the types of people we want to be.

The Habit Loop recognizes 3 realities:

  1. Programs don’t do jack shit. Anecdotal experience proves this very quickly. How many friends do you have that swear that they are going to get fit doing “x” “y” “z” program — whether it be Orange Theory, P90x, or Zumba class.
  2. Fit people have a “fit identity”. On the other hand, there are people that don’t have a program. Or they could use any program and make it work. It’s almost as if these people can’t imagine a world in which they are not physically fit.
  3. The world works according to feedback loops. The more I believe “I am the type of person that works out” the more I will work out, the more I continue to believe that. Eventually, this belief is so true that it literally is reality. Here’s the Habit Loop: Beliefs + Daily Actions = Habit. Your Habits = Your Identity.
The Habit Loop

The key levers in the Habit Loop are as follows:

  • W.O.T.D. aka workout of the day. Do something every day. Running, roller blading, lifting, walking, tennis, rock climbing. It does not matter. Just do something. Every day. Celebrate it as well!
  • Community. You are the average of the five people you are around the most. We want to be around and interact with people that have positive identities and affirm the people we want to become. Social media is a key sub-lever, however in-person relationships are vital.
  • Build Knowledge. Knowledge truly is power. Knowledge helps you do things that actually move the needle in terms of your fitness and your habit formation. Books, podcasts, youtube videos provide a wealth of knowledge that will empower us.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

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