The truth about bitter apricot kernels for cancer – Lis Carpenter

Jason Vale

His website was (now defunct) and threats of prison time from the FDA for selling a “cure” and unlicensed practice of medicine has not stopped him from spreading the message that apricots seeds contain a substance (amygdalin, not laetrile) that fights cancer and helped him heal of his terminal condition.

At the bottom of this article you will find two links to what appears to be the same story. But, one is from 2008, and the other one is from just a few months ago, 2019. And, if you read carefully, you’ll see the trick.

Laetrile — a derivative of the seeds was tested in trials. Amygdalin, the organic (naturally occurring) form was not tested. Why? Because you cannot patent and sell a naturally occurring food.

The BIG Question Is, “Why Would A Man Who Had Been Imprisoned For Selling Bitter Apricot Kernels (amygdalin) As A Cure Risk Going Prison A Second Time For The Same Offense?!”

They say he’s just greedy and taking advantage of desperate cancer suffers who are grasping at anything to help themselves. But, he sure isn’t enjoying that money in prison, now is he?

I believe Jason Vale is a hero because he is willing to risk his freedom for the truth.

This really has me wondering if there is some truth to the story I read on the Truth About Cancer website about the Hunza People of Northern Pakistan eating tons of apricots seeds and living far longer than Westerners was true.

If you read the first page of search results, you will find countless pages warning you of the dangers of consuming the seeds. Don’t do it! It’s poison. There was a man who killed himself eating them! Yes, of course…

This is my very first article on Medium, and I am sharing the story of Jason Vale because I know that there are a lot of lies on the web, and I want everyone to take charge of their own health. Your body will tell you what is good for it, and trust me, most prescription drugs aren’t…

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