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I wrote a previous article when I first found out that I could get birth control online, legally, that could be paid for by my insurance.

My doctor used to be really good about prescribing birth control for me, but she left the practice. My new provider isn’t as familiar with birth control, and wanted me to get it prescribed by a gynecologist.

So I scheduled an appointment with a gynecologist. The office told me they could see me in 6 months.

Thus, I turned to the Internet.

When you hear the words “online pharmacy,” your mind can jump to some sketchy conclusions. But my state (like many in the USA) allows telehealth services, so I can message a doctor, NP, or PA online, and they can prescribe medication for me.

There are several online birth control sites available. I chose to try Nurx. It has been in business for awhile, and seemed to be well-reviewed.

I asked for a type of birth control I’ve already taken without problems for years. After I put in my information and answered a follow-up question, it was prescribed for me.

The company billed my insurance, and the birth control arrived in the mail. The whole process was done quickly.

No more rushing to the pharmacy once a month before they close. No more waiting in line (at least, not for my birth control).

There is one drawback, however. The online consultation, which has to be done once a year, cost me $12 at Nurx. An in-person physical exam (if your provider prescribes birth control) is free with insurance.

But $12 is a lot cheaper and easier than having an unexpected baby. Or, say, bleeding for seven days straight. (Even if you don’t skip your period, oral contraception can make your period much shorter and lighter.) I can save that $12 from not having to buy pads or tampons every month.

I even found out that some companies can mail out a Depo-Provera shot every three months! No need to take a pill every day, or schedule multiple doctor’s visits.

I did get my yearly physical, so I had my blood pressure checked. But this takes a lot of the hassle out of the process.

It’s always good to see a doctor in person, especially if you have questions or chronic medical conditions. But online tech is catching up.

Getting a packet of birth control used to sometimes feel like breaking into Fort Knox. Now, it’s just a click away.

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