Bodhi & Ride Are Modernising Spin Classes

Get your body ready to ride and say hello to a new way of experiencing spin classes. Boring spin classes are now a thing of the past. Bodhi & Ride are delivering a conceptual and fun new way to get your sweat on.

After successfully toning up the folk in Port Melbourne, Bodhi & Ride have opened their doors to the CBD crowd. Located on Russell Street, the studio has a contemporary underground feel. Describing itself as a premium boutique wellness studio it aims to inspire Melburnians to engage in a more active lifestyle. The location makes it super easy to fit in a ‘Disco Cardio Party’ or an ‘RnB Tuesday’ class around a busy work schedule. Classes run before and after work. And to top it off there is also a sneaky lunch session available.

Spinning Around

The Bodhi & Ride studio is designed to depict a nightclub venue. Taking inspiration from the States, the Spin Dance Craze has well and truly hit Aussie shores. It’s no ride in the park but the results are worth the effort. Say goodbye to 250–600 calories before your favourite Beyonce track is over. The calorie burning and muscle toning routine combines all the good things in life. Cardio, endurance and weights. The result? A newer, fitter, leaner and toner you.

Ride The Wave

The RIDE class felt like a strong family riding towards a common goal. The team inspires you to pedal faster and sweat harder. When the resistance increases, so do the disco lights. Close your eyes, and you’re in a club dancing the night away. Open them, and you realise you’ve hit a new personal best. The dimly lit room takes your stress away. As you look up, a feeling of exhilaration enters your body and makes you feel limitless. You can tackle anything, including that looming deadline that made you come here in the first place.

One For All and All For One

The RIDE community stems further than the workout space. The gang sticks together post-workout and teams up to participate in spin events such as the ‘Bodhi Summer Series’ together. The online platform helps you stay connected and up to date with the latest news and tips and tricks for a healthier and fitter you. There you’ll find tips, tricks on all topics related to health and fitness that you’ll soon be the fitness expert among your friends.

For those newbies who are dipping their toes in the water, the staff at Bodhi & Ride go above and beyond to make sure you have a fabulous experience. Shoes and good vibes are included. You’re guaranteed to rave about it to all your mates. Bodhi & Ride is not just a class, it’s a lifestyle.

Be sure to check out the Bodhi & Ride studio, you won’t be able to stop at just spin.

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