What If… We Prioritized Health Over Profits? – Shelley Moore

Random Rant from a Grocery Store

And How We Can Lead The Change.

What if…

We didn’t have to discern between grass fed, grain fed, grass finished and organic? What if there was one kind of beef that came from cows that eat grass, hay and silage and graze in open pastures for their entire life, not just a few months. Cows that are free from hormones, antibiotics and not fed animal by-products.

Photo Credit: Stijn Te Strake @ Unsplash

What if…

We all reduced the amount of meat we ate by 1 meal a week? In North America, we currently consume more protein than we need and our planet is paying the price. It takes an incredible amount of resources to produce a pound of beef and when we reduce our consumption of meat, we all benefit.

What if…

Packaged products were not littered with artificial colours and artificial flavours and companies were mandated to use safe alternatives. What if we educated all people on what real food looks like as opposed to creating “perfect” looking food in a factory or lab. Nature does not manufacture on a production line.

What if…

Natural meant something. What if a product labeled “natural” meant, contributing to one’s health. Natural has very little regulation and currently cheerios can be labeled as natural although I’m not sure that anything in Cheerios is actually natural or healthy.

What if…

Glyphosate was removed from farming practices and we cultivated a healthy relationship with soil and growing food. What if we didn’t treat people as human guinea pigs with companies no longer innocent until proven guilty, at the expense of people’s health.

What if…

What if there was only one kind of egg. Eggs from hens that were given space to roam and forage. Hens that were fed organic feed and not animal by-products. Currently 90%+ of all eggs in North America are caged.

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt @ Unsplash

What if…

We did what was right and not what was most economical. What if labels were transparent and clear and didn’t require a PhD to decipher.

What if contributing to a healthy population and planet was as important as the bottom line?

What if…

We realized we are all connected, everyone and everything, and behaved in a way that demonstrated this. That by helping one, we help the collective and by hurting one, we hurt all. When we start to see the cycle and observe behaviours from this perspective, decisions become much easier.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Bishop @ Unsplash

What if…

Our kids had a better world than the one they received. What if they were healthier than their parents? It is our obligation to make sure that happens.

What if we each did something to help. It could be an email to your local representative or expressing your concern about products in your grocery store. It could be a conversation with the restaurant manager to understand their meat supply or shopping and cooking with your kids. It could be doing the hard thing and changing behaviours that align with our beliefs.

We are not “just one person”, we are a collective and our voices matter. We can each make a difference and we need to right now.

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