How to Reinvest and Connect With Your Community Members

By: Paul Leiby, Membership Director at VIDA Fitness & Aura Spa

To me, corporate culture or company culture can be described as more of a feeling than anything else. It’s a feeling you get after a long day of work, a feeling that can put a smile on your face, or make you slump into the couch just waiting for Friday to arrive on the calendar. I got into this industry to share my life experiences as a way to inspire others to reach their own health and fitness goals.

At VIDA, before Monday’s, and after long-days, I often find myself smiling to myself; thinking about the impact I’ve made on a new member that got started, or as fresh ideas pop into my head of new ways to help make people’s lives better within my role.

These are two our core values from our company culture handbook, that resonate with me strongly and make me appreciate our unique company culture.


I take pride in knowing that I work for a company that truly reinvests into our clubs. When I tell a member that we’re getting new equipment, replacing a machine for a better one, or expanding the club for added space; I know that my promise will be delivered upon. This allows me to be confident in our ability to take care of our members vs leaving promises unkept, and it makes me feel good knowing I never have to worry about letting someone down.


In early 2020, we’ll open VIDA Fitness Ballston, our newest location outside of Washington DC. One day at work, I found myself back in the woods of Shirlington, picking up bottles, pieces of metal, and car batteries from a creek surrounded by other members of the community. This day, my only goal was to connect with the non-profit EcoAction Arlington and other local business that also care about protecting our environment and surroundings.

When I asked to do this task, I wasn’t told “no” or, “that isn’t important”, I was asked to take the lead.

Read the VIDA Fitness Corporate Culture on our website and let me know how you stay committed to your members and the goal of helping others.

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