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The truthful answer is I want my promised swim spa. I know the answer is no, so I don’t ask.

About a year and a half ago we began our search for a new home. It was time to downsize. We were empty nesters and my knee and back were screaming for a home without stairs.

Months before, my knee specialist cautioned me against taking daily walks. I had caused some serious pain with my 1–2-mile daily strolls around our local parks. The story is boring but concerns a misaligned knee I was born with, walking differently due to my spinal surgery, and arthritis. I miss my Thirties.

The doctor suggested swimming laps on my back daily. I don’t have a pool. I also have ridiculous anxiety about swimming laps at a gym pool. It feels like I will be in another swimmer’s way.

Back to our home search: my husband agreed to look for a home with a pool. He wasn’t crazy about the idea, but he agreed. What I would like is a swim spa. Swim spas are smaller.

The pre-formed swim spa will be lifted over our roof and placed on a concrete pad in our back yard.

Since they are smaller, it is more affordable to keep them heated in winter. A lid keeps the heat in when not in use. A swimmer exercises by swimming against an adjustable current.

We looked at homes with pools. The pools were okay, but the houses weren’t working for us. In the area we wanted to buy, the houses were more expensive than expected, too. We picked out a house in our second choice neighborhood.

This is where I made a big mistake. I caved. We walked into the kitchen in this house and I knew it was THE ONE. My husband’s face said the same thing. The bathrooms, kitchen, floors, and roof were all recently redone.

No pool. The side yards are so small, it is impossible to imagine a bulldozer can get into the backyard. Various websites explain the contractor will use a crane. The pre-formed swim spa will be lifted over our roof and placed on a concrete pad in our back yard.

So that’s what I want. What I truly want for my birthday. Hey, it could be my combo birthday-Christmas present. What a bargain!

I can’t have that. I know it isn’t in the financial cards this year. I might as well ask for the pony and the 100k.

In other news, my knee doctor told me yesterday I can start to add fitness walking back into my schedule. I need to go slow and not walk every day. Each time I walk, let’s say half a mile, I need to take a day or two off for rest.

While I am glad to become more active, I can feel the swim spa moving further and further away. My husband didn’t say anything but it is coming.

I have a feeling my Christmas stocking is going to be filled with a small plastic horse and monopoly money. On the other hand, later I can walk off the disappointment.

It would be just like this. I’m sure of it. — Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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