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Beware of Instagram Fitness

The internet, social media in particular, has become ridiculously over saturated with fitness “experts” who have built a following by exploiting the individuals who they are supposed to be helping. This is wrong.

As coaches, it is our responsibility to educate above all else. We post our fanciest exercises with our most advanced athletes on instagram to garner the maximum amounts of likes, comments, and views, but are doing more harm than good to the majority of our followers.

This isn’t telling the whole story.

A coach with even the most basic level of competence, would never allow a beginner level or underdeveloped athlete to perform a power clean, overhead squat, or treadmill sprints without first developing the proper foundational strength and enforcing the most efficient mechanics. So to post our highest level athletes running through an obstacle course of cones, speed ladders, and whatever the hell else is trending on twitter is portraying the idea that this is what fitness and training are all about, and not allowing our followers to see the months, and even years of mobility work, mechanical training, basic stabilization techniques, and foundational plyos and strength training that have given the athlete the ability to progress to this level.

In an effort to educate, we need to post on social media in the same way that we train our athletes, systematically. 80% of our posts on instagram need to put the foundation that we are building on display. We need to provide applicable, informational content that our follows can take into the gym and practice on their own. If our page is all full of snatches and guys running through hurdles, we are doing a disservice to the fitness community.

Instead, our pages should be full of informative posts explaining and displaying some of the foundational building blocks we use to get our athletes to high levels.

Explain the importance of primal movement patterns.

Show a plank progression.

Discuss force absorption and low level plyometrics.

Drop your ego. Post for the good of your followers and stop perverting the coaching profession by putting nonsensical speed ladder drills all over your instagram. If we post more about the fundamentals, people will practice more of the fundamentals. It’s not rocket science, but people love to complicate things.

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