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Hello world,

I want to have a conversation. Probably closed ended, I’m okay with that. For now.

You know those moments in movies when the main character has that moment that is like the turning point of their life? They either meet the protagonist in the story, they solve the major mystery, or they realize they have been in love with their best friend the whole time? Being a freshmen in college is kind of like that. It’s like the craziest thing you’ve ever done and you make the most spur of the moment decision and they end up changing everything because you just so happened to walk through the door.

These past few months have been the most amazing and experiential days I have only yet to begin. Today I had one of those knee shaking, smile so big that I almost cried kind of moments. I texted a friend and asked him, “Want to meet to do homework and nerd out?” So, that’s what we did. We did homework, set up linked-in profiles, worked on resumes, and applied for leadership positions. You know, the stuff you do for fun in your free time when you’re a hopeful future medical student.

Later on, we had plans to go to an event that I saw a flyer for. The event was titled “Why Inequality is Important”. As a new founded humanitarian (due to a college course that now makes me think I’m knowledgeable in the matter which I’m sure I have so much to learn), I was interested in a little debating. When we showed up, it turned out to be something we had not expected, so we did what any rational adult would do- we snuck out the back before anyone we knew saw us, committing our stay. After escaping our potential demise, we walked around and saw a sign for alumnae relations and realized there would be appetizers; so, we walked through the door.

The next few minutes a lady talked and I felt like I was supposed to be here for some reason. They explained that the event was basically speed dating and we would talk to each established alum who was a literary arts, or close major. Me- being a biology and pre-med major, I immediately felt wayyy out of the loop so I really had to push my way into the conversations. I ended up remembering how much I adore meeting new people, and asking questions, so the next 45 minutes flew by. I got to explain why I wanted to be a doctor, how I felt about humanitarian work, and even learn about law school. After the very successful “speed dating”, I saw my friend I came with and he said he got to talk to a woman about internship abilities. I said “Ooooh! I want to talk to her!” So that’s what we did. We ran up to this lady and she had the coolest tattoos on her arms, you could tell she was a free spirit. My kind of girl. And so the conversations began. We talked about every idea I have. Bless her soul. We talked about how trash insurance companies are, the ways that physicians have given up on it and started their own facilities, the healthcare of the future in genomes, nutrition, alternative, traditional, eastern, even complimentary medicine. We talked of my worries of MD vs DO and why one versus the other. We discussed the market for medicine, how she found her way into her job by mistake, the huge world outside of what I know, and the importance of education.

I couldn’t help but feel incredibly relieved. Here I was, a college freshmen, not 3 hours earlier stressing about my views and values on medicine being unseconded and misunderstood. This one conversation allowed me to realize I was just looking in the wrong places. I only needed to open my eyes, and what I didn’t like, and what I wanted, could be what I began. The things that I hated, would be the reason for a new creation.

So here it begins, the start to the blog of my journey in college. I credit my friend Om- for always hyping me up, and being my go to. My new friend Sara- for showing me that my creativity is important, and I’m not alone. And my parents- for tying down each of my wild ideas before they make me float away.



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