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Did you know that, for example, oranges used to be called the “fruits of the Gods”? Or… What else have you been not told about these juicy fruits? Below is a list of ten interesting facts about oranges that will pleasantly surprise you.

By some criteria, oranges are berries, not fruits.

Scientists have found that oranges help to avoid cancer, and their juice — to cure heartburn.

In total, there are more than 600 varieties of oranges. Moreover, many have a green skin.

In California, it is illegal to eat oranges when taking a bath, as orange juice and oils, often added to the bath, are explosive!

Captain Citrus is an American superhero. He was created specifically to promote the fruit.

85% of all oranges are used to make juice. By the way, orange juice is the most popular juice in the world!

In Jamaica, it is customary to wash the floors not with water, but… with a slice of orange! Also, mechanics absorb drops of fat or oil with this fruit.

There is a special sort of oranges — the navel. On its lower part there is a “navel”. And the bigger it is, the sweeter and tastier the orange. This variety is mainly grown in Brazil.

Oranges are eaten differently in every country. For example, in Switzerland they are mixed with whipped cream and sugar. In other European countries, these fruits are cut with a knife and eaten with a fork.

After chocolate and vanilla, orange is the third most favorite flavor in the world.

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