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If you’re wondering what is the best fat burning exercise, the answer is simple. It is the one you will stick with.

Best Fat Burning Exercise

Besides, the best fat burn exercise for me, may not be the best one for you.

Yet doing a variety of exercises might be best. More may be better since variety helps to break up the monotony. If you vary your routine, you won’t become bored as easily and will be more likely to keep it up?

So rather than just doing one fat-burning exercise like running on the treadmill, hit the Stairmaster and cross trainer too. Simply allot so much time to each machine.

Plus working out on different machines lets you work on different muscle groups. Try yoga burn techniques if you like.

While we are talking about the best fat burning exercise did you know this? Fitness experts use to say prolonge, low-intensity cardio sessions were the best way to burn fat. But now some feel shorter, high-intensity cardio workouts are the best approach.

So how about this? Why not go back and forth from long to short high-intensity cardio workouts during the week. You know, do an interval training workout on the cross trainer then an interval training style jogs two times a week.

Other fat-burning exercises would be step aerobics, the boxing, and hiking

It all comes down to this. The best fat burn exercise FOR YOU depends on what you like to do.

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