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A report from UK Nutritional Insights that plant-based diets and vegan diets can lead to a deficiency in the essential nutrient choline required for brain health.

Choline is considered an essential nutrient that needs to be ingested from food because it cannot be biosynthesized by the liver. It is important for maintaining the health of the brain, and especially essential for fetal growth.

In the United States, the recommended daily minimum intake was recommended in 1998. 425mg for women, 550mg for men, 450mg for pregnant women, 550mg for lactating women, etc.

The 2016 European Food Safety Commission recommended similar recommendations. Nutrition surveys in North America, Australia, and Europe have pointed out that average intake does not meet recommended levels.

“This is related to the recent trend of reducing meat intake and eating a plant-based diet,” said author Dr. Emma Derbyshire.

He praises the first report on a healthy dietary plan that promotes environmental sustainability, but pointing out that restricting intake of whole milk, eggs, and animal proteins affects choline intake To do.

He also points out that Choline is overlooked in the UK.

“Health workers and consumers need to be educated about the importance of a choline-rich diet and how to achieve it.”

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