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Ten reasons to add avocadoes into a healthy diet.

The avocado toast mania took over just like the Game of Thrones did. Admittedly, I was one of the lovers and still am to this day. It is a great breakfast or brunch and can be made in many yummy ways. Here are my reasons why I rate the dish as a saviour for a quick and healthy alternative to chocolate or marmalade on bread.

Ten Reasons To Eat Avo Toast?

  1. Eating an avo a day (not an apple a day this time!) is good for your health.
  2. Full of “healthy fats”.
  3. There are vitamins C, E, K and B-6 in them. (Still have to go out in the sunshine for that vitamin D, sorry!)
  4. Better than butter to spread on your toast, and at times can be creamier.
  5. Help to maintain cholesterol levels so good for your heart.
  6. Based on the high levels of folate, they could be good for depression.
  7. High in fibre, so can prevent constipation.
  8. Contains two chemicals that are great for your vision.
  9. Promote healthy complexion and hair.
  10. Rich in minerals helps decrease the risk of diseases.

…The list is endless! It doesn’t just stop there, as new research shows the boundless positive effects they have on our body. Adding avocado into a nutritious-rich diet is something highly recommended. I personally love them as a brunch dish with a coffee or tea on the side — try it out for yourself!

Funny Fact

The “avo hand” became a warning after people in the UK didn’t know how to take out the seed of the avocado and were being sent to the emergency rooms for cutting themselves in the palm of the hand (yikes!). It may be hard to edge the stone out, but I recommend to not get a knife and stab it yet spoon the avocado out before retrieving the stone.

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