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Think about it. Now that it is colder, darker, and more like “snuggle” weather, you’re more inclined to ditch the gym and call it a day. I’m guilty of this even for someone who loves working out. I feel like this weather, the season, and all the holiday anticipation makes me feel extra tired, moody, and ready for a nap. Even if you’re not suffering from “fall-ism”, you may have even put it in your head that bikini season is over so time for the baggy comfort clothes? Don’t let the season, the weather, and even an absence of summer stifle your fitness motivation and, well, set you back.

With chillier weather and a cozy feel, there are still tons of things you can do to keep you motivated and fit during the autumn months. Since many people use fall as a time to be reflective and appreciate the beauty all around, this time of year is the best for getting into shape while also keeping in tune with the outdoors. Autumn is about adventure, beauty, change, appreciation, anticipation, and well, pumpkin-everything!

How to Maintain Your Fitness Through Fall

Use the great outdoors for some creative workouts. Did you know that spending time outside even when it is a bit chilly can help reduce stress? With the colder months ahead, many of us hunker down and pretty much hibernate. If you bundle up with the proper gear, you can get super creative with outdoor workouts like hiking, hitting running trails, using fields after hours, corn mazes, and even walking the neighborhood while admiring the fall foliage.

Take a trip to a national park or reservation. Along with ramping up your outdoor workouts, you can also enjoy this natural element in some of the most beautiful parks local or far. Take a nice car ride to a national park or reservation and try out some of the new and exciting activities such as rock climbing, canoeing, and mountain biking. This will tackle your fall hibernation habits and get you more inclined to workout and enjoy the season while doing it.

Know how to layer, so the chill is refreshing. A lot of people cozy up and are more inclined to stay indoors during this time of year because they do not know how to properly layer without looking like an eskimo. Proper layering is key and keeps you protected from the elements without the risk of getting sick. Wear fitness gear that is breathable yet warm, good head gear, and always ensure your feet are warm. If you enjoy walks or jogs but opt for warmer weather, by layering correctly, your outdoor time is more enjoyable and definitely more refreshing.

Use nature to meditate and reflect. Whenever I think of fall, I think of a start of a “new” year. To me, fall marks a new holiday season, anticipation, and the countdown to summer. A great way to stay fit from the inside-out is to use nature as a way to connect mind and body. Try a restorative workout like Tai Chi, outdoor yoga, or just meditate amongst the fall foliage. This will clear your thoughts and give your clarity even during the crazy cold months.

Time for a workout buddy. Sometimes motivation works when it is in numbers. With the fall months and even winter months ahead, motivation is hard since we fall into hibernation mode. By having a fitness buddy that goes on walks with you, takes trips to parks with you, wanders to the gym with you, and even enjoys some mindful workouts outdoors, you’re more inclined to stick to fitness even when you’re not “feeling it”.

Just because it’s fall time and all you want to do is hide and snuggle doesn’t mean you should forget your fitness and health goals. By motivating yourself through appreciating this awesome time of year, you can really get into great shape and even perk up your mood. Take in all the foliage outdoors, with a pal, and in the most beautiful of trails.

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