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The sweat sweet belt

A common trend going on today is the use of waist trainers. One waist trainer, in particular, is a product called Sweet Sweat. If that sounds disgusting, the way it works makes it even more disgusting. You apply a special kind of gel to your stomach, and then wrap a waist belt around your midsection. What the company promises that this product will sweat out the bad fats around your midsection and give you nice looking abs. It surrounds a concept called targeted fat loss. Targeted fat loss is defined as doing exercises that will make you lose fat on certain parts of your body. For example, doing crunched to burn fat off your midsection or doing push-ups to burn chest fat.


So two glaring issues are in play here. One is that the science behind targeted fat loss shows an inadequate amount of proof that it works, with most studies saying that targeted fat loss does not work. Another being that the body burns fat on a need-to basis, meaning that you can’t stand around with some belt around you that makes your stomach sweat and expect to lose fat. The only way to lose fat is by staying at a caloric deficit, and, in my opinion, doing some form of cardio three times a week.

Why would they sell it if it doesn’t work?

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The answer to this is simple. Companies in the fitness industry play off people’s insecurities, and it works. Of course, they don’t just use advertisements to sell their products. They also use influencers to help sell these products, because their target audience thinks “if someone with such a great looking body uses this product to get that lean, then it must work.” You know what the joke is here, all these fitness influencers and fitness enthusiasts know that waist trainers don’t work, and still try to sell them anyway. I think it’s one of the biggest plagues that is spreading across social media and doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

So what can I do then?

Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

The takeaway from this is to stay active through your fat loss journey. Which you do by working on your diet and cardio. It’s called a “journey” for a reason. Trying to achieve your health goals is not an easy task. It takes patience and mental toughness to achieve those goals. It’s like anything else in life, there are no short cuts to getting rich, or having a successful life. The same is applies to your health.

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