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Working out leads to many benefits. It helps with weight loss, energy levels, health and more. What do you think when you think of the word exercise? I think of pain and aching muscles. You exercise every day without even realizing it, so here are some tips to do to exercise without doing crazy workouts or even going to the gym at all.

Tip 1:

Clean up around the house. You can even make a game out of it. Play music and see how much you can do before the song ends. Once you start cleaning up one spot of the house, you can continue to do that all around the house in different spots, and see how much you can do. If you’re a competitive person like me, you’ll want to keep doing it. Once you’re focused on completing the challenge and not on the overbearing work load of cleaning, you’ll have fun with what you’re doing and might even want to clean up more.

Tip 2:

Play games with your friends/kids. If you’re playing a fun game like tag then your focus will be on capturing the next person to be it. This childhood game brings back so many memories and it’s something everyone would enjoy playing together. While your running right behind the person your trying to chase-with your adrenaline running and sweat dripping down your back-you finally tag the person you are trying to chase and you feel like such a winner, you weren’t even thinking about how much you ran or how your body felt because you were so focused. Not even realizing you’re exercising when you’re getting a good workout in is always satisfying and you would still get the same benefits as working out in a gym.

Tip 3:

Go dancing. When do you dance other than being in the club? If you dance while your just by yourself for fun you will see improvement overall with yourself. Just by doing energetic dancing you’ll be sweating within the next 10 minutes; just by doing ballet dancing you’ll be sore, plus being drenched in sweat. Your heart rate will go up plus your stamina. According to health line this improves your physical, mental, and emotional health. There are a lot of different styles of dancing so it will cater to everyone’s needs. Zumba? Pilates?Hip-Hop? Anything you can think of there is a class or studio for. If you don’t want to dance in public you can buy a game like Just Dance, which works just as well and will have you tired and sweaty by the end of it.

Tip 4:

Go to your local play ground. You are guaranteed to have fun by going back to your childhood roots because of the old memories. There are plenty of activities to do there you won’t even get bored. By going on the swings think of how high you want to go and don’t stop pumping your legs back and forth until you reach where you want to be. Imagine you want to be as high as the clouds which will make you want to pump and kick your legs stronger, faster, and harder. Having this mental conversation with yourself in your brain will make you want to not stop and be your own motivation. You can also climb yourself up to go down the slide or use your upper body strength to swing across the monkey bars, and if these don’t sound appealing you can create your own obstacle course. The park has multiple ways for you to exert yourself in a way that you can have fun as well as exercise.


Move around while you talk on the phone. How many times have you just stood or sat in the same place while having a conversation? Talking on the phone while standing makes you more aware of the conversation and more engaged in what is going on. If you do something as little as telling yourself to walk fast, pacing back and forth, you’ll get so many steps in without even realizing it. You can walk your own speed just as you would on a treadmill, but instead, you’re having a fun filled conversation.


Fidget! Yes, I said that correctly. By twiddling your hands, tapping your feet, and moving your body to the beat of the music you can indeed burn calories. While your’re amplifying your body movement, the energy that is required to do this is burning the calories from your body because it is still providing you a way to move around. This keeps your brain busy and focused on something not related to working out. According to Neal Spruce, he said “ …people who fidget can burn up to 2,000 calories per day than non-fidgeters…” This provides a great deal of impact in people’s daily lives and adding this one change to your routine everyday can change your habits. This is a great tactic if burning calories is your goal and you aren’t trying to exert yourself to your full potential.

Working out is a great privilege that many people get to have. This is a very overbearing and sometimes boring task. These tips help you to do something fun and distract your brain from the painful and dreadful experience of working out.

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