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While staying healthy helps us to feel good, it can also provide us with a number of pragmatic benefits — one of which is to save money. A healthier body can also lead to a healthier bank account and greater peace of mind.

1. Fewer medical bills

By staying healthy, you won’t need about making too many trips to the doctor’s as your immune system should be healthy enough to fight off most infections. This translates to less medical costs that can otherwise be used on other things, such as your investments or that holiday destination you’ve been itching to tick off your bucket list.

2. Eating healthy meals save money

Preparing wholesome meals require fresh produce in order for the body to enjoy the highest quality of nutrients. Interestingly, fresh produce costs less than processed goods. By choosing to eat healthy, you’re helping to save on grocery bills. Add that to the fact that you won’t be spending as much as you would eating out, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll save by the end of the month!

3. Greater incentives from companies and apps

Companies usually pay for the medical insurance of their employees and also want employees to be productive by fulfilling working hours. Therefore, it makes sense to think that upper management would want employees to be in their best health. That being said, some companies do incentivise employees who meet certain standards when it comes to health markers.

Digital apps used by national health organisations have also become a popular tool for encouraging people to stay active. For example, the app Runnister provides monetary rewards for those who run sessions of 1.6km. The Health Promotion Board in Singapore also set up events and releases apps that get citizens to stay healthy by cash rewards and other freebies.

While there can be practical gains to encourage one to stay healthy, the focus still remains on being the best version of yourself. Having extra cash is nice and all, but what difference would it make if you’re in no position to enjoy it?


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