How a High Protein Diet Can Ruin Food For You – Live Your Life On Purpose

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Now, this is where your so well-thought-out high protein diet can go wrong. You may begin to lose yourself in the numbers and feel like what was once an innocent upgrade, a way to control something in your life is now controlling you. It feels like a vicious circle. You want to slow down and ‘have your life back’ but you’re so afraid of losing control thinking: “But I’ve been doing so well!”.

You don’t even realize when or how it happens.

It’s slow and gradual.

It’s when you’re too strict. It’s when you obsessively focus on the numbers you’re trying to reach. It’s when you forget to enjoy the food. It’s when you schedule meals and snacks at specific times. It’s when you eat even when not hungry so that you follow the regime.

It’s when you spend more than an hour shopping for a few groceries because you’re analyzing food labels. It’s when the food turns into giant numbers right before your eyes. Sounds like hallucinating, huh?

Here’s the thing — your body is really smart. It knows when you’re hungry, or when you lack certain essential nutrients. And it’s great at communicating these with you. When you schedule what and when you eat to the exact detail you’re not allowing your body to tell you what it needs.

Think about it this way, when you go to the bathroom for a wee-wee, you don’t suddenly stop, check your phone and say: “Nah, it’s not time yet”. That’d be ridiculous. Also, do you think our ancestors ever tracked macros and calories to stay lean? No way. Do animals? Nope. Although some of those bigger cats and dogs should begin to…(#overweightpets)

Anyhow, getting back to the high protein diet. If you want to remain sane and more importantly lead a sustainable healthy lifestyle, be more open-minded about your food choices. I learn every day that balance is everything. Counting calories and following a strict protein diet, or any diet should be a temporary business to teach and inform you about your eating habits and to see what works and does not work for you.

And guess what! You can never go wrong with fruits and veggies — don’t you dare counting calories there!

Even though in my last experience I may have let it go too far, I’ve adopted lots and lots of great habits following a high protein diet. I’ve learned about a wonderful variety of healthy meals and snacks that are filling and nutritious. I’ve also learned about the foods that are not as healthy and should not be a part of everyday food choices. But I no longer see food as numbers.

Now, I’m not ditching the high protein diet, especially after listing all the good things…I’m rather learning from my obsessive behaviors and passing on the knowledge and experience to you.

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