From 4k to Marathon in 11 months. – Fabian @Strively

You know what happened? I just ran a marathon.

Just like that. Zero preparation, no practice.

Post-Marathon proudness

Just kidding. Actually, it was a lot of hard work over the last eleven months. But:

I am happy because eleven months ago, I could barely run 4 kilometers, due to an injury

Four years ago, I had a stress fracture in my left foot, which made me quit long-distance running. So over the past years, I stayed in shape by hitting the gym and going to CrossFit classes. But this was not the same as running: Running fast and for longer distances always gave me a great feeling and brought me into a flow-state. So last November, during a vacation to Northern Italy, I was inspired by nature, and I thought:

“Hey, I feel good, let’s go for a run.”

You all probably know what happened: I ran way too fast. My heart rate spiked, and I was utterly exhausted after 4 kilometers. My muscles were sore, and my joints hurt for days. But I felt great. And the best thing: I had no pain in my foot. This motivated me to do some running from time to time.

Over the winter, I steadily increased distances.

I enjoyed the fact that I was able to run again. At this point, I had no ambition to get back into racing or running any long distances. But this would change soon:

In July, I signed up for a Spartan Race and a Marathon.

You know, this was just one of those ideas where you click the sign-up button on a website and all of a sudden you realize what a dumb idea this was. But the deal was sealed. There was no way back.

Once I signed up, I realized I would need to start running for longer distances.

Everyone who prepared for a Marathon before knows what I am talking about. Every Saturday or Sunday, you go out for a run. You tell your girlfriend, “I’ll be back by Lunch,” meaning that you’ll be running for three hours straight. Every Sunday. For weeks. I knew from the past, how hard, monotonous, and painful these runs are.

But I did it. I did all the necessary runs – because I was committed.

In October, it was time for race day, went to the Marathon and completed it. It took me grueling 4 hours and 29 minutes. But I made it. And the best thing? I am still pain-free and there is no sign of an injury.

Looking back, I wondered where this sudden success came from.

To me, this development was surprising. Just 11 months ago, it seemed impossible for me to run 10k, let alone a Marathon.

So here is my secret:

The main reason I made it through the preparation was the fact that I had friends who supported me along the journey.

I know this sounds cliché, but it is true. It felt as if I didn’t sign up alone. I have the great honor to be constantly surrounded by a group of people who are into sports and who achieve their goals. We motivate each other, and every time one of us has a low, we push each other. On top, I always think about how bad quitting would look like.

Over the last months, I realized how important it is to have someone to train with, but more important to have somebody who holds you accountable and kicks you in the ass from time to time.

But it is hard to find somebody like that.

You need a person who is motivated and not afraid to tell you the truth (that you are lazy and really should stop complaining).

So let me solve this problem you: If you want to reach your goals, get in better shape, or pick up a sport and stick with it and STAY motivated, just ping me on >>>WhatsApp<<<.

I’d be happy to be your training buddy and give you daily motivation to build a routine you stick with.

On top, you get access to a bunch of likeminded people. And the best thing: it’s for free.

Whether you want to become fit, lose weight, or run your first Marathon: this is your chance to surround yourself with people who have actually done it. Benefit from their experience and break your personal barrier — as I just did by running my first Marathon.

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