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This is the personal testimony of the Da Vinci Back Pain Relief founder on how he discovered the techniques for lower back pain relief and the benefits they made in his life. What follows is in his own words:

Prior to discovering the techniques used in the Da Vinci Back Pain Relief plans, I had severe lower back pain on and off for at least 10 years (in my late 20s and early 30s). Below is an x-ray showing the curvature of my spine in my lower back, which certainly exacerbated the issue.

See spine curvature along the red line

I would have severe pain that lasted 3 to 4 days in a row. During this time, it was difficult for me to sleep or enjoy any physical activity. The pain distracted me from my work as well.

Finally, I discovered a few very simple things about the human anatomy that made a big difference. First, is that the Hip Flexor muscles connect directly to the lumbar vertebrae and second that the Hamstring muscles connect directly to the pelvis. When either of these are tight, it can cause lower back strain. Over time, this can lead to pain.

As I did specific stretches to address these issues (tight Hip Flexors and tight Hamstrings), much of my pain was relieved. Later on, I added advanced techniques to decompress my vertebrae. The stretches only took me about 5 minutes each day, while the vertebrae decompression took another 5 minutes. 10 minutes total each day was all it took to maintain about 95% relief. On days when I had pain, I could find relief almost immediately after doing the stretches. Furthermore, when I did the stretches preventatively (on days when I didn’t have pain), it prevented my back from starting to hurt in the first place.

The techniques are backed by medical research from 3rd party institutions that have no affiliation with Da Vinci Back Pain Relief.

In my personal life, I am so thankful to have learned the techniques. Through Da Vinci Back Pain Relief I’ve experience dramatically reduced back pain. This has been a huge blessing to me, and my quality of life has gone up significantly.

My goal with creating Da Vinci Back Pain Relief is to help others find the same relief that I found. While not everyone will benefit, the research and my personal experience indicates that it is worthwhile for those interested to try it out. Take our questionnaire to help determine if we have a plan for you.

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