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The misconception that needs the most explanation…

As a personal trainer, I can’t tell you how many clients come to me saying all they want to do is focus on is cardio. In so many words, let me explain this.

Cardio is good for burning fat in the short term activity of say a session on the stairs or the elliptical. Strength training or weight training…burns fat (even though you may not be drenched with sweat) far longer than a cardio session does. After you lift weights, your metabolism is still burning — whereas with cardio, the fat burning process stops right when you are done with your session.

If you are really looking to burn fat and look tight/”toned”, then weights is what you need to be doing IN ADDITION to cardio AND dieting. You need ALL 3 COMPONENTS for best long term results. People want transformations, but if you are just doing cardio or just doing weights and not dieting…there wont be any transformation. Plain and simple.

Weight training shapes muscle, burns fat for hours after you are done working out, and will make you look lean, tight and shapely. Doing just cardio, will make you look “skinny fat” because cardio not only burns fat but muscle as well. Fitness should be about being strong with the benefit of looking good. Cardio alone will not provide these benefits.

Day in and day out, I see people on the cardio machines reading a book, going at a slow pace, and looking the same as when they first started out. Doesn’t anyone find that to be odd? Your body should be progressing and changing from when you first started your fitness journey to the present. If its not, then maybe its time to re-evaluate the game plan.

Weights may not be the norm (especially for a lot of women), but it should be. It should not be intimidating or worrisome — ahem ladies who think lifting weights will make them look “bulky”…but thats a whole other blog post which will be coming soon 🙂

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