This technique helps you lose 70% of your weight in 8 months

Gastric bypass is a type of bariatric surgery (also known as weight loss surgery) that by bypassing a section of the stomach, helps the candidate feel full after eating a small portion of food. The main advantage of this technique is that the weight loss will be definite and the patient can sustain the newly achieved weight if he or she keeps up with a good lifestyle.

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Gastric bypass procedure

Gastric bypass surgery can be performed either through a large incision (traditionally) or laparoscopically. To perform the roux en y gastric bypass, the surgeon uses a laparoscopic technique. That is, he or she operates the procedure without making large incisions in the abdominal area. Using certain surgical equipment, the surgeon takes the steps to performs the surgery through 4 to 6 very small incisions. This state-of-the-art equipment has staples as well as a tiny camera that helps the surgeon perform the surgery. As a result, there are few risks and complications associated with gastric bypass surgery.

The surgery, that is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia, includes removing a large portion of the stomach until a little pouch is left. This small section can hold a little amount of food. This walnut-sized pouch will then be attached to the small intestine. The intestine will bypass about 90% of the stomach and as a result far fewer calories are absorbed by the body.

There are also other variations of gastric bypass surgery which will leave a larger section of the stomach untouched. This method helps the patient absorb more nutritious while mal-absorbing fat.

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Gastric bypass cost

The cost of gastric bypass surgery is quite high in many countries. The surgery requires certain equipment and is performed using techniques that can amount to large sums of money. As a result, the gastric bypass cost can be quite high; to the extent that you might change your mind about it. Additionally, some insurances do not cover gastric bypass procedures. Therefore, the person has to pay a king’s ransom to undergo the surgery.

Gastric bypass cost in Iran, however, is exceedingly cheap. Yet, the low cost of gastric bypass does not mean that Iranian surgeons compromise on the quality of surgery. On the contrary, the Iranian hospitals that perform gastric bypass boast world-class standards. In addition to yielding top-rated equipment, these medical centers have an International Patients Department unlike any other country in the world.

Why AriaMedTour for Gastric Bypass in Iran?

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