Trust The Facts, Not The Intuition – Pardhu Konakanchi

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There was a sleep study done on two groups of people. One group of people were kept at 6 hours of sleep for one week. The other had 8 hours. Both groups were given simple concentration tasks to assess their ability to focus.

As you can imagine, the 8 hour group did remarkably well compared to the 6 hour group. But the more interesting thing was that when people in the 6 hour group were asked how affected their concentration was, most believed not at all.

That statement becomes more surprising when further concentration studies were done with complete sleep deprivation groups. And it was found that the concentration of most people after 24 hour of being awake is the same as having 6 hours of sleep for a week.

Imagine pulling an all nighter and trying to work the next day while believing your focus was unaffected.

Our intuition about ourselves can often lead us astray. We get a low amount of sleep and still feel fine. We don’t exercise or eat healthy and think our body is still great. We try to brute-force memorize facts and think we’ve learned the material. We don’t floss and believe our teeth are fine.

There are places we need intuition. But when the facts are there, our gut feeling tends to only misguided us.

Research properly. Once you’ve concluded the right set of truths, there’s nothing more to think about. Just sleep. Just exercise. Just eat healthy. Just floss. You don’t have to “feel” like you’re doing the right thing.

Follow the facts and your intuition isn’t needed anymore.

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