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Personalised medicine pertains to the tailor-made pharmaceutical needs of a patient. If their medication is not available either in the local area or within Australia, here’s when a compounding chemist takes the spotlight. These chemists specialise in compounding medicine provides customised medication to meet the particular requirements of a patient as prescribed by their general practitioner (GP).

How can a patient benefit from custom-made medication?

Easy Usage and Intake

It’s easy to understand why many patients prefer customising their medicine because most of the drugs have a terrible after-taste, and others are hard to swallow — -particularly patients like children and elderly who are very picky in ingesting medications.

With the help of a compounding chemist, they can create a tailored medication with the flavour of a patient’s choice and make it palatable for easy intake.

Able to Obtain an Unproduced or Rare Medicine

Some medications are hard to find, while others may be no longer available within the local area. That’s how vital a compounding chemist’s role is — -they can replicate a medicine to suit the needs of their patients. A pharmacy that provides access to unproduced or rare medicine will provide more benefits to a lot of patients who have special pharmaceutical needs.

Allergy-free Medication

Some medications may not be compatible for some patients, and this might cause an allergic reaction for them. Common ingredients like dyes, lactose, alcohol, flavourings, and preservatives may cause a hypersensitivity reaction. Compounding chemists, however, can create the right prescription, and, at the same time, an allergy-free medication without neglecting important individual ingredients.

Surfers Renaissance Chempro Pharmacy is an accessible Surfers Paradise pharmacy, bringing more convenient health services to the people of the Gold Coast. If you’re looking for tailor-made medication, visit them today or contact (07) 5561 0340.

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