Tips for Listing Your Home in the Fall with Jennifer McMurray

While spring and summer are the heavy hitters for the housing market, when it comes time to sell a home, there are still plenty of buyers in the cooler, fall months. Unlike in the peak selling months, selling a home in the fall takes more preparation and creativity. With hectic family schedules and holidays, there are typically less buyers in the cooler months, but using these tips will help you get your home ready and sold in the market’s offseason!

Tips for Listing Your Home in the Fall

Curb Appeal Is Important

Curb appeal is generally always an important feature when selling a home, however, during the fall months it’s even more important. As trees and shrubs begin to die off, a home can often look unsightly or drab during the fall and winter. In addition, leaves pile up frequently- not only causing an eye-sore, but ongoing lawn care problems in the future. To combat these issues, follow these helpful tips:

  • Keep leaves raked and bagged regularly
  • Plant colorful, seasonally appropriate planters around the home
  • Power wash your driveway and sidewalks
  • Replace your door mat with new welcome mats
  • Add inexpensive solar landscape lighting to create a lighted ambiance

Create A Cozy Atmosphere

As temperatures drop, most people tend to retreat indoors. By creating a cozy and warm atmosphere for buyers, your home will become more appealing. It doesn’t take much to create a welcoming environment for your buyers!

  • Have a fire going in the fireplace prior to a showing
  • Don’t forget about your decks & porches! Stage a sitting area complete with blankets
  • Light a subtle, fall scented candle
  • Swap out bright, Spring decor for warm colored pillows and blankets.

Don’t Show Your Storage Problems

It’s not unusual to walk into a home during the cooler months and see boots, jackets, and backpacks cluttered near the doorway. However, as you’re selling your home, that scene can convey one message to buyers: there’s not enough storage. It’s not only important to keep your entire home clean, but it’s especially important to keep it organized. A few tips to maximize your organization:

  • Add decorative hooks near the door to hang backpacks & coats
  • Purchase an inexpensive boot mat to keep boots corralled in the garage
  • Keep a designated spot for blankets- either a basket or blanket ladder
  • Keep firewood neatly stacked in a decorative firewood holder

Price It Right

Unfortunately, statistics show that homes tend to linger on the market longer in the fall. With less buyers searching, that isn’t shocking; however, don’t let it discourage you. If you price it right, buyers will come! It’s crucial to consult a licensed real estate professional that can accurately price the home and while it’s tempting to push the market, it may cause your home to sit longer and become a “stale listing” through the holidays.

Create A Light & Bright Home

As evenings get longer, there is less daylight for buyers. Nobody wants to walk into a dark and gloomy home when it’s already chilly and dark outside. From list photos to showing day, presenting a light and bright home is crucial for buyer appeal. A few ways to create a light and bright home:

  • Hire a professional photographer that is experienced with real estate photography
  • Turn on the lights in the home prior to showings so that buyers walk into a well-lit space
  • Don’t forget about exterior lighting! Turn on exterior lights prior to showings and hang some inexpensive bistro lights on your porch or deck to create a cozy ambiance.
  • If your home is painted in dark colors, consider the large impact fresh, bright paint can have with buyers.

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Jennifer is an accidental house flipper turned Realtor and real estate investor. She is the voice behind the blog, Bachelorette Pad Flip. Over five years, Jennifer paid off $70,000 in student loan debt through real estate investing. She’s passionate about the power of real estate. She’s also passionate about southern cooking, good architecture, and thrift store treasure hunting. She calls Northwest Arkansas home with her cat Smokey, but she has a deep love affair with South Florida.

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